Drug Addiction Help: 7 Key Tips for Getting the Most Out of Drug Rehab

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You’re committed to going to rehab and getting drug addiction help! This is great news, especially when you look at the stats on drugs. Just last year in the U.S. alone, there were 70,000 deaths from drug overdoses.

So, you’re on the right path and you want to make the best of it. And you’re wondering how to prepare and how to approach it.

To help, we’ve put together seven tips on getting the most out of rehab. Keep reading to learn how to get and stay in the right mindset and actions to take when you’re there. Then, start packing and getting ready for relief and your new drug-free life.

Pack Wisely and Know It’s Going to Be Okay

First things first. Before you even head out, make a list of all the clothes you’ll need. You’ll surely have access to laundry facilities if you’re going for the typical several-week stay. Check the site and/or give them a call to find out how this will go down.

In addition to clothes and toiletries, you might bring a journal. You’ll probably be doing some contemplative and reflective activities. And while they’ll surely have writing supplies, it may be comforting to have your own.

Speaking of comfort, go ahead and bring one or two items that make you happy and feel safe and like home. Maybe it’s a snuggly animal, a photo, a book, a nick-nack, or your favorite sweater. Anything that reminds of something good. 

1. Be Open-Minded to Just Trying Until You Trust It

You’ve decided to go for it. So, commit to the program each day, just for that day. And then, at the end of the day, you can commit to the next day.

This way you’ll see if it’s working for you and as you see yourself start to get better, you’ll begin to trust the process. You can always go back to the way it was — so at least give it a try!

2. Remember That It’s Okay to Ask for Help

Get it out of your head that you can beat drug addiction on your own and, instead, bask in the relief that you don’t have to. You’re probably at that point already but just keep that “I can do it alone” thought at bay.

You’ll be surrounded by loving, caring professionals that know how to help. And you’ll be around others like you that want to support you. And you’ll learn how good it feels when you can help them back.

3. Relax, They Have You Covered

A good drug rehab knows the ropes. They’ve been doing it a while with success, and they’ve had a chance to amend and fine-tune their program to work for you on a customized basis. 

A good rehab has you covered in that they won’t you leave you hanging once you detox from the drug. The drug is the symptom, and they’re there to help you heal whatever’s underneath — the thing that got you there in the first place. 

They have your back, and they’re going to give you a warm, welcoming hug while they’re at it. So, relax. You’ve been on a tough path but it’s going to have a soft landing.

4. Be Honest and Speak Up

You’re going to be talking to personal therapists and counselors. It behooves you to just tell them the truth from the get-go. It’ll help you get straight to those real issues that have been hiding under the drugs. It’ll save you time, and you’ll get to your relief and freedom from all the worry, fear, and stress faster.

You’ll also probably be in groups where you discuss what’s going on. You may have to work up to it, but it’ll help you in leaps and bounds if you can share with others in addition to your therapist/counselor. 

You can start with baby steps here, just like with everything else you’ll be doing. Even if you just say hello and give your name the first time, pat yourself on the back. Just open your mouth and slowly it’ll be easier and so, so helpful.

5. Listen Closely

Listen closely to what others say. Listen for similarities. And “take what you like and leave the rest.” You might hear that while you’re there. It’s when you hear your story or the same feelings in others that you realize you’re not alone. And then, you’ll start to see others recover and you’ll build hope.

You also might hear guest speakers with a lot of recovery tell your story and feelings you know to be true for you. And these people will share stories of how they got better and then you’ll be inspired and know hope is there for you too. That’s where the real magic happens!

6. Stick Close to the People You Like

If you have any issues with anyone in your dorm or groups, just go right to a counselor and let them know what’s going on.

This way you can get it resolved right away. You want to be free to focus on yourself and not have to worry about other people. Other people should be a support and joy. Stick close to those you do get along with.

7. Let Yourself Ease in and Be Happy

You’ve probably been beating yourself up for not being able to kick this monkey off your back on your own for a long time. Try to stop doing that and take it easy on yourself.

Give yourself the time and space it takes to go through the steps of detox and the healing process. It’s like you’re learning to walk again. Free and happy. Give yourself the time to do it in a way that brings you joy.

Drug Addiction Help the Happy Way

Now that you’re prepared for drug rehab, you’re ready to start packing. Make a list, put one foot in front of the other, and relax because it’s going to be okay. You’ll be with people ready to help and guide you. And you’ll be with people sharing the journey with you.

And once you’re done packing, sit back and take a look around our blog for other inspiring ideas and hacks to make your life better and happy.

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