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Exercise Make You Cringe? 8 Tips for Enjoying Your Workout

You’ve decided to start a gym workout routine, but it’s not out of love for fitness. It’s because your inner self keeps reminding you that you’re out of shape every time you look in the mirror.

So, you finally hit the gym and give it your all for a good 30 minutes. But at the end of the session, every muscle of your body aches. Instead of feeling fulfilled, your time in the gym feels like a punishment.

Exercising is more than a physical challenge. You’ll need all the motivation you can get to keep going. With a change of attitude and a few tips, you too can start enjoying your gym workouts.

Read on to find out how.

8 Things You Can Do to Make Your Gym Workout Fun

Here’s what you can do to enjoy your time at the gym.

1. Focus on Short-Term Goals

When starting out, your gym goals shouldn’t be about muscle gain or weight loss. Such changes can take some time to show and you may need something to motivate you along the way.

A good way to stay motivated is focusing on short-term fitness goals. Keep a record of how many push-ups, sit-ups, or chin-ups you do every time you visit the gym and try to beat your own records gradually. That will make you more enthusiastic about working out as you’ll see some progress with every session.

2. Challenge Yourself, but Not Too Much

When it comes to having fun while working out, challenging yourself is crucial. However, tuning up to your own challenge level is even more important. You want to challenge yourself, but not too much that it’s overwhelming.

So don’t just download a workout schedule for men or women and expect it to suit you. Every individual has a different tolerance and fitness levels, and a single workout schedule may not be appropriate for everyone.

It’s advisable that you consult with your body transformation coach to help you create a personalized exercise plan.

3. Exercise in Favorable Environments

The kind of environment you work out in determines how much you’ll enjoy exercising.

If you love nature, don’t force yourself to do your cardio on an indoor treadmill. Instead, go for a run outside -preferably in a park. Likewise, if outdoor cycling isn’t your thing, register for a spin class for a more effective workout.

4. Do Exercises You Actually Like

Do you find yourself struggling with a particular exercise?

Well, that might be the reason why you hate the gym so much!

Forcing yourself to do an exercise just because it’s trendy or popular among your gym buddies can discourage you from working out. If you find a certain gym routine overwhelming, speak up and have your trainer find you a suitable alternative. Fortunately, most workout routines have alternatives, however, the results may be slower for less intensive gym workouts.

5. Get a Good Gym Buddy

One of the benefits of having friends is that they help you get through tough situations like completing your gym sessions.

Don’t work out alone. Talk to a friend who’s committed and exercises regularly and request them to work out with you.

With a gym buddy, you’ll have someone to talk to in-between the sets. You’ll also be able to share your progress with someone who can relate to your personal fitness issues, and this will help you keep going. Additionally, your partner will encourage you to work out during the times that you don’t feel motivated.

6. Create a Kickass Workout Playlist

Ever wondered why athletes always have headphones on when training? It’s because music gets them in “the zone” and keeps them distracted from the “pain” of training.

So before you head out for your workout, create a playlist of your favorite jams that’ll keep you motivated when exercising.

Music makes you train harder and improves your mood when training so you don’t feel like you’re being punished. What’s more, the music will help you get into a rhythm so you can keep up the pace throughout your gym workout.

7. Do Short, High-Intensity Gym Workout Routines

If your schedule is too tight to allow hour-long gym sessions, exercise for 15-30 minutes using high-intensity routines.

Unlike steady-state workouts, short high-intensity workouts are more effective in burning fat because they produce a longer after-burn. This means that your metabolism stays high for a longer period, allowing your body to burn more calories.

With a properly executed high-intensity training program, you can enjoy up to 24 hours of after-burn.

8. Don’t Be Too Self-Conscious

Sometimes, you may feel discouraged to go to the gym because you feel intimidated by other well-toned gym members. This shouldn’t stop you!

Self-consciousness can be a huge inhibitor to your fitness progress. If you’re self-conscious, you’ll always be comparing your progress to people who’ve probably been exercising for years – and this can put you off.

Don’t focus on anyone but yourself and keep doing your thing. Keep showing up and accept the fact that there are fitter people than you. More importantly, be proud of your body and focus more on improving.

Get Fit and Keep Going

When it comes to fitness, consistency is key. So don’t work out occasionally and expect to see results. Make your gym workout a regular affair. Better yet, make it a habit.

Also, make an effort to eat healthy foods. Otherwise, all your hard work in the gym will all be in vain. For healthy eating tips that’ll complement your gym workout routine, check out our recent blog.

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