Fear of Car Accidents, Pain & More: 5 Common Post-Crash Issues & Tips on Overcoming Them

There over six million car accidents in the USA annually. This is a serious concern, as many people experience injuries or negative outcomes from accidents. 

After experiencing a collision, it’s normal to develop a fear of car accidents. However, there are some other, more serious outcomes that you need to be aware of following a car accident, as they may need action on your part to resolve. 

Physical Injuries

The most serious issues that can arise from a car accident are the physical injuries you may experience. Even if you are able to get out of your car and walk away from the crash, there may be subtle, long-term health issues that may take a while to notice. 

Back and neck pain, soreness, chronic headaches, and any other chronic, nagging pains can be caused by a car crash. It’s a good idea to head to a doctor right after your accident to get checked out for issues. In some cases, if the other driver ends up being found at fault, you could pursue a personal injury case against them to cover your healthcare costs. 

This is why it’s so important for you to talk to a personal injury attorney after a car accident. Laying out the facts and gathering evidence early can improve the chances of your medical bills being covered. 

Car Insurance Payments

Though unlikely to be in the front of your mind following a car accident, you should know that experiencing a crash can cause your monthly premiums to increase. This is especially true if you are found to be at fault for the crash, and if you have a history of collisions. 

You may want to look at ways to reduce your payments – either by raising your deductible or switching carriers. You should talk to your insurance agent to see what options are available to you, and to see how much if at all, your rates are increasing by.

Beyond a Fear of Car Accidents: Post-Crash Mental Illnesses

In some cases, you may develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you’ve noticed that you have trouble driving a car months after the crash, or are suffering from heightened anxiety or depression, you should think about talking to a doctor. While PTSD is serious, it is treatable and curable through therapy, medication, or some combination of the two. 

Again, if a court finds the other party to the accident to be at fault, they may be on the hook for covering your therapy costs. This is especially important because PTSD can take some time to manifest. Unlike physical injuries, the symptoms can be subtle and hard to notice but will stick around for an extended period. 

Be Prepared Ahead of Time

Car accidents are not a fun experience, but with six million occurring each year, it’s more than likely that you’ll be in a crash at some point in your life. Whether or not you’re driving, knowing the most common post-crash issues, including developing a fear of car accidents, can help you take steps to avoid them. Knowing the number of a good personal injury lawyer can also help you win your case in court. 

For more information about what to do in the event of a collision, browse through our Health and Money sections. 

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