From Farmhouse to Modern: 4 Wooden Fence Types for Every Home

Hiding unsightly views and discouraging household pests is essential for front yard landscaping. When talking about safety and privacy, a fence is crucial to a home improvement upgrade.

Different types of wooden fences serve many purposes. Wooden fences are both rustic and modern. They come in various wood fence styles, which suit almost every front yard.

In this article, we explore the best wooden fence types. We look at privacy, modernity, and variation. We highlight how you can upgrade your space with a high-quality wooden fence. Read on for everything you need to know about wooden fences for your home.

1. Picket Fence

A picket fence is a wood fencing that’s perfect for every home. It is often the most affordable option, but it also has a timeless, classic look that works well with any outdoor space.

The pickets come in various sizes and provide a decorative, complete look with a traditional feel. Whether your yard is flat or sloped, they can install these fences in any configuration, so it’s possible to customize them to fit your needs. 

2. Lattice Fence

The Lattice Fence is one of the most popular types of wooden fences for a home. This type of fence offers superior privacy and security when compared to other fence types, and can be easily customized to match the home decor.

Lattice fences come from secure and durable materials, making them a good choice for long-term use. The open panels of lattice fences allow for airflow between the panels, which can be beneficial for keeping temperatures more comfortable during hot summer months. Moreover, they can paint or stain a lattice fence in many colors and finishes, making it the perfect way to add charm and elegance to any outdoor area. 

3. Post and Rail Fence

A post and rail fence is an excellent wooden fence for many homes. It provides a traditional and classic look, with the ability to customize it using different materials and styles.

Post and rail fences are usually constructed using posts and horizontals made of a wood species. The posts are generally spaced eight or more feet apart, and the horizontals are rail sections that connect them.

They can finish the fence using a stain, paint, or sealer. This type of fence is also affordable and easy to install.

The post and rail fence are perfect to compliment the style of both traditional and modern homes. It can also withstand heavy rains, hot summer months, and snow. 

4. Board Fence

Board Fence is a unique wood fencing type ideal for any home. Unlike other types of wood fencing, this type of fence utilizes planks of wood placed vertically rather than horizontally. It allows for a more significant degree of privacy while still allowing a certain amount of light to come in and easy access to the yard from either side of the fence.

Board Fence comes from wood planks and posts treated with wood preservative chemicals against insects and rot. It makes them durable and weather-resistant.

They come in different heights to suit the needs of the homeowner. They can arrange the boards in a custom wood fence design for a unique look and feel. 

Follow This Guide to Understanding Types of Wooden Fences

All homeowners can focus on their outdoor security in an attractive, cost-effective way. From traditional picket to modern horizontal wood fence, different types of wooden fences provide a classic and safe look that will benefit any house. If interested, get started now by contacting a fence specialist.

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