Google Blacklist: What to Do if Your Website Was Blacklisted by Google

Did you know Google is the most visited website, with 89.3 billion visits per month?

Most buyers begin their research on search engines, and Google tops it all. Thus, it is imperative to rank high so that your business can attract customers. But what happens when Google blacklists your website?

If your website gets blacklisted, it means it isn’t a trustworthy source. Thus, your content won’t be as accessible as a website with a clean record.

Here’s what you can do to get your website removed from the Google blacklist.

Diagnose the Reason

If a website receives blacklist warnings from the google transparency report, you should fix its security issues right away. The best way to diagnose the problem is to analyze the website using Google’s Webmaster Tools. It can assist in locating the issue’s origin and offering suggestions on how to resolve it. 

Remove Malicious Code

Remove from your website and any plugins you have installed any malicious code or anything that presents a security risk. Back up your website before removing any code to make sure you don’t lose any important information. To remove malicious code, consider downloading anti-malware software and scanning your website for threats.

Contact an SEO Specialist

An SEO expert can help identify what issue caused the blacklisting of your website and offer a strategy to improve the website’s quality. The SEO expert from an experienced digital marketing agency like Keystar may look at everything, from how well your website is optimized for search engines to how many low-quality links it has pointing to it. They can suggest effective and ethical strategies to increase your website’s ranking on search engines.

Contact Google

Make sure you’ve implemented any remedies you’ve laid out to fix the problem. Once you’ve done this, request a review of your website with Google for reconsideration. Explain the steps you’ve taken, and they can investigate whether these actions were enough to remove the blacklist warnings and restore your website’s visibility by updating its blacklist status.

Monitor Your Website

Check your website regularly for any malicious content and links associated with your website. Use online checkers and google safe browsing that can detect malicious content, malware, or any other suspicious activities. 

It is important to stay alert for any sign of activity that does not follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Take all these precautionary steps to cut the chance of your website being blacklisted again.

Stop Google Blacklist Today!

If Google has blacklisted your website, you must act right away because it may have an impact on your business. You must identify the cause of the google blacklist, get rid of malicious codes and security threats, and hire an SEO expert for help and improvement to fix the problem.

When finished, it’s crucial to ask Google for reconsideration, and keeping an eye on your website will reduce the likelihood that Google will blacklist it again.

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