Happy Home Ownership: 5 House Inspection Tips to Help Keep Your Home Safe

A safe, comfortable home is considered one of the most essential needs we have in our lives. Is your home as secure as it could be?

Are you ensuring you and your family is safe, interested in selling your property, or looking for a new home? You can benefit from a professional inspection.

Because demand for home inspectors is on the rise, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. But what makes a great inspector, and what should you look for during a home inspection?

Follow these house inspection tips to make the entire experience easy and stress-free!

Do a Pre-Inspection

Before you hire someone, do your own pre-inspection. Here’s a list of things to look for on your own before the pro comes in:

  • Check that electrical outlets are working and wires are in good condition
  • Look for signs of water damage, especially around the roof and ceiling
  • See if there are drainage issues in areas like your basement or by your water heater
  • Take a look at your siding to see what kind of condition it’s in

All of this helps you prepare for your official inspection.

Hiring the Best for Your Budget

Even if you can’t afford someone with expensive rates, that doesn’t mean you can’t get great service. You’ll just have to do a little homework beforehand.

Choose home inspectors that have up to date certifications, understand and use the latest technology, and have a full insurance policy. Keep these things in mind when searching for an inspector. 

Be There for the Inspection

The first tip you need to follow? Be present for your inspection.

Prepare some questions for the inspector. You should know your property well, too, because the inspector might have questions of their own.

Inspections can last several hours so block this time out of your day. If you absolutely can’t make it, have your agent present or at least try to be there for the final report.

Think Big Picture

An inspector has to report every little thing that they see. It might be frustrating to watch their list of things that are “wrong” growing.

There are big things you can’t ignore, like issues with your HVAC system or wiring. Don’t get hung up on little things that can be fixed with a bit of basic home maintenance.

Additional Inspections

Your first inspector might spot other issues that need your attention. There are other types of home inspectors you might have to consider.

Lead, termites, mold, geological, or even chimney inspections are all things to keep in mind. You’ll know whether or not you need them after reading your house inspection report.

House Inspection Tips and More

These house inspection tips will help you from beginning to end with your home inspection. You know how to choose the right inspector, prepare for their visit, know what to do when they show up, and what to do once you get your report.

Once your home is in great condition, make sure you keep it that way. Follow our home improvement blog and make sure your home is safe, comfortable and cozy!



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