Hiking Tip 101: What to Bring on a Hike

Did you know that walking as little as two hours each week can lead to a healthier and longer lifespan?

If you get bored on the treadmill, you should head outside and check out your local hiking trails. Not only is the scenery much more stunning, but you can also reap the health benefits of getting some fresh air and sunshine.

Do you need help figuring out how to prepare for a hike? Keep reading this hiking tip guide to learn everything you should pack.

Comfortable Hiking Clothes

Are you asking yourself, “What should I wear for hiking?” Although your outfit can vary a bit depending on your climate, the average hiker should always wear comfortable sneakers or broken-in hiking boots along with a few layers of breathable fabrics.

Your base layer can be a non-cotton shirt that’s designed to wick away sweat for maximum comfort. Your second layer can be a light fleece jacket in case it’s cool and shady on the trail. Your third layer can be a rain jacket that you keep in your backpack until needed.

A Reliable Backpack

One of the best hiking tips out there is to pay special attention to the type of backpack you bring on your trip. Not only does the material have to be sturdy yet lightweight, but it also has to feel good on your body. It’s worth taking some time to do some research and try on a few options at an outdoor sports shop.

Since there are so many fun outdoor activities you can do, it’s worth investing in a high-quality backpack. If you want more activity inspiration, you can check it out here.

Navigational Tools

Since smartphones don’t always have service in remote outdoor spaces, you should never leave home without a few basic navigational tools. A local map, compass, and GPS can give you peace of mind while you’re hiking.

Plenty of Food and Water

When creating a list of what to bring on a hike, food is many people’s favorite thing to think about. There are plenty of yummy snacks you can enjoy on the trail, such as jerky, dried fruit, nuts, protein bars, PB&J sandwiches, and other packaged goods that are easy to eat.

It’s also essential to pack lots of water so you can stay hydrated. If you enjoy your water crisp, there are great water bottles on the market that can keep your liquids cool for hours.

A First Aid Kit

The last thing you should pack is a first aid kit in case of emergencies. Any basic kit sold in convenience stores will do, so you don’t have to worry about getting anything fancy.

This Hiking Tip Guide Has Everything You Need to Thrive

As long as you follow this hiking tip guide, you’ll be prepared to enjoy every second you’re out on the trails while also staying safe.

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