How Much Does a Bounce House Cost?

Did you know that some parents spend over $500 on their child’s first birthday party? If you want to step up your game for the birthday parties in your life, consider getting a bounce house. But to get a safe play space, you may be wondering how much money you’ll need to drop.

How much does a bounce house cost? Read on to find out!

Consider Renting vs. Buying

First, decide whether it makes more sense to buy or rent a bounce house. For a one-time party, renting might make sense. But if you’re starting a party business or hosting lots of birthday parties, you may want to plunge into a purchase.

For a rental, you could spend around $100 per day to rent a basic bounce house with space for jumping. But the best bounce house, which may resemble a castle and include slides, could be over $500 per day. At that point, you might want to buy one!

Buying a basic bounce house may sound like a steal at just a few hundred dollars. But a typical small residential bounce house only can hold 2 or 3 children at a time. You’d need to spend closer to $2,000 on a fancier bounce house with more room. 

Size Impacts the Bounce House Cost

Don’t forget to check the bounce house wait limit. Generally, you can find bounce houses with weight caps of up to 1,500 pounds. The higher the weight cap, the higher the price.

If you go with a bounce house with a smaller cap of 200 pounds, make sure you’re not allowing too many children into the house at once. Be sure to buy a commercial bounce house that can accommodate your needs!

Materials impact the bounce house price, too. A PVC bounce house will cost more, but it may last longer. For a budget-friendly alternative, go with vinyl. 

Don’t Overlook Accessories and Maintenance

You’ll need a blower to provide enough air pressure to keep your bounce house inflated. This could add another $300 to your price. And you’ll need to ensure that the blower always is plugged in when people are in the bounce house. 

You’ll want to invest in some tarps, as well, to cover the ground where you place your bounce house. This will help avoid rips or tears on the surface. Even so, invest in some emergency repair kits in case you notice new rips.

Bounce houses can weigh up to 500 pounds, depending on size and materials. If you need to relocate one or handle the set-up, you’ll need helpers and a truck. And you’ll need a space that doesn’t get too hot where you can store the bounce house when not in use.

If you’re renting, be clear on deposit amounts and late fees. And consider hiring an attendant through the bounce house company. That way, someone can watch to make sure it’s functioning properly at your next event.

How Much Does a Bounce House Cost?

Are you still wondering, “How much does a bounce house cost?” The cost will depend on the size and materials. But when you add in accessories and maintenance, you’ll see the bounce house cost go up.

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