How Much Does a Fursuit Cost? A Guide on the Average Prices

When cosplayers want to be furry, they need a fursuit. From comic-cons to other elaborate events, there are fursuits for any animal character you desire to dress up as. 

If you’ve been thinking about getting into the trend, you may wonder about the expenses involved. Here are some explanations if the question, “How much does a fursuit cost?” has been on your mind. Take a look.

How Much Does A Fursuit Cost: The Variables

Like any product, you can find a variety of prices for fursuits, but there are two major differences in cost. The first type of suit is the homemade variety, one that involves a lot of time and yes, money. The second is a professional suit, which costs even more–here are some notes about the price and quality differences in the two.

DIY Fursuit Cost

You can build your own fursuit. It may be cheaper to go this route, and you’ll find plenty of tutorials online for how to do it. From building the head, which involves lots of measuring to make sure it fits, to the rest of the suit, DIY fursuit projects are not a new idea.

You can use plastic mesh for the fursuit skeleton, which runs about $10 for 550 square feet. Another material that works well is upholstery foam, which is much more expensive, at $15 for a little over 2 square feet of 1/2-inch foam. The total cost of the skeleton will depend on the size of your body.

After you build the bottom layer, you’ll still need the fur, tools, paints, silicone nose and eyes, and other materials. The total cost for a DIY fursuit is between $300-$1500, which is still cheaper than buying a professional one.

Prices for Official Fursuits

The prices for fur costumes that you find online are more expensive, but the quality is better unless you’ve had lots of practice with DIY fursuits. It can cost up to $3000 for a quality fursuit to wear to your next convention. The more you pay, the better your fursuit will match the character you’re trying to dress as.

It’s also not going to come unraveled while you’re cosplaying, whereas an amateur DIY suit might. For the confidence in your apparel, it may be better to pay the extra money. That way you can enjoy the day, without the constant worry of a wardrobe malfunction.

Cosplay Like a Pro

Now you don’t have to wonder, “How much does a fursuit cost?” It’s only a matter of choosing the best fur costume for your event within your price range.

If you choose to DIY your fursuit, you’ll be able to customize it the way you want and save a little money in the process. If you don’t want the worry or time investment, a professional suit is also a good option.

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