How to Build Your Dream Career

People move to America from all over the world for freedom and the chance to make something of themselves. But, in this land of opportunity, 80% of Americans dislike their jobs

Do not allow yourself to fall into this statistic. With the right steps, you can land the job of your dreams!

Read on to learn how to build your dream career.

Decide Your Objective

When working toward goals, one of the biggest mistakes people make is leaving objectives up for interpretation. They may do this to avoid failure.

But, it also hinders them from reaching their true goal. Clearly define your career goals.

This will include exactly what you want to do and who you’d like to work for. You may want a high position with a huge company like Google, or you may want to build your own business up from the ground.

Create a Plan

Once you know your goal, create a plan for reaching it. Make your plan concise and create reachable steps that build.

For instance, you might need to enroll in college, work in the field for experience, shadow an expert, build your resume, and then apply for the position you want. Your plan may look very different than this depending on what you wish to do. Despite what it looks like, elaborate on how you will go about each step and put it into action.

Create a Resume

Building a resume for yourself will help you along the way. Even if you hope to build your own business, you may need a resume, in the beginning, to gain experience and make money to put into your plan.

To create a solid resume, you need to choose an appropriate format and include a clear objective for the job you want.  It should include relevant experience, education, awards, and volunteer work. Learn how resume writers can help you. 

Develop Leadership Skills

To succeed in life, every person should hone strong leadership skills. Always think of yourself as a work in progress.

To develop these skills, read self-help books, listen to TED Talks, and follow strong leaders. Find leadership courses online or in your community to work at it.


Who you know often outweighs what you know. Make networking a priority.

Social media offers a great way to network, but stay aware of how your posts and pictures shape your image. Network yourself in a positive and professional light.

Friend request and follow people who live the way you want to. You become what you surround yourself with.

Also, attend in-person networking events in your field of interest. Always dress to impress and keep a positive attitude so that people flock to you. Think of networking as a way to market yourself for your dream job.

Land Your Dream Career

It is never too late to switch jobs. Do not allow the fear of failure to crush your goals. Go after your dream career with a drive to match your desire.

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