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How to Choose a Video Surveillance System for Your Business

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If you wish to protect your business, you should consider business surveillance. Video surveillance is a great way to keep an eye on your place of business and to catch any intruders.

This is a worthy investment to make for your company. It ensures your peace of mind and can deter crime. If a crime is committed, you can have an easier time in catching the individuals who are responsible.

So how do you make the decision on what business surveillance to purchase? 

We’ve prepared this detailed guide to help you make those decisions for your company.

The Guide to Business Surveillance

We want you to get the best video surveillance products for your business. 

Here is what you should consider in making your decision.

1. Resolution

The first thing you should consider is the video resolution. The lower your video resolution, the less sharp your image.

If you simply want to keep an eye on your place of business, you may be fine with opting for a lower resolution. However, if you want to make sure that you can get as much clarity as possible, you should aim for a higher resolution.

Higher resolution cameras will naturally be more expensive but it is well worth the investment.

2. Video Analytics

Many video surveillance cameras will also video analytics features. This is a feature that can send push notifications to your mobile device if your camera detects motion and starts recording. It may provide a report of how many times motion was detected within the premises.

Many video analytics services also have a connection with law enforcement. This gives you the option to report and send your recorded footage directly to law enforcement.

Note: We suggest looking into the high quality of mobile video surveillance.

3. Hidden Cameras

If you want to have your cameras inconspicuous you want to consider installing hidden cameras. This may not always deter intruders. When an intruder sees a larger camera, they may be reluctant to break into your place of business. Although, cunning criminals may attempt to destroy your cameras before breaking in.

The best alternative is hidden cameras. You can purchase several smaller cameras that can be placed inconspicuously on the outside and inside of your place of business.

Many hidden cameras can be found in different shapes. For example, a phone USB charger can have an in-built camera in it. You can also have a pen lying around on a desk – with the pen having an in-built camera.

4. Audio

You want to consider if you want audio surveillance to be part of your business surveillance infrastructure. You want to check about the legality of doing so in your jurisdiction before investing in any audio equipment.

You may be able to purchase cameras that have an in-built microphone in them. You can also buy external microphones that can be hidden throughout the premises. You want to test the audio quality beforehand so you can decide what is the best option for your business.

Audio can help you record any vocalized statements by intruders. This can help prove any malintent that the intruders may have.

5. Storage

You have to give a lot of importance to the amount of storage your cameras can hold. If you are only concerned with running your surveillance cameras during closed hours, then you may not need that much storage.

If you wish to keep the cameras rolling all day long, you will need to opt for a camera with greater storage capacity. You may also want to consider a camera that has a cloud storage option. This way, if space runs out on the camera’s in-built hard drive, it can be backed up on a cloud.

You also want to make sure that there are features to protect your storage. If there are options to password-protect your footage or encrypt your storage then you want to make sure your camera has these options.

You want your camera to be able to record onto an SD card so that you can plug it into a computer and upload the footage.

6. Wi-Fi

While this is not a requirement, it is highly recommended to purchase surveillance equipment that is Wi-Fi compatible. This will allow you to control your camera using an external device such as a mobile phone.

Wi-Fi does depend on a strong internet connection but it is what allows your camera to upload footage directly to a cloud.

7. Motion Detection

As we briefly mentioned, some cameras can have a motion detection feature. These can automatically detect motion and start recording.

These cameras may cost more, but if possible, we highly recommend investing in them. They can always keep an eye on intruders better than stationary cameras, leaving you not having to worry about constantly controlling the camera.

8. Number of Cameras

You have to next decide how many cameras and audio equipment can be placed around the premises.

If you have multiple rooms in your office, you may consider surveillance equipment for every room. Of course, this should only be considered if it is necessary. It is not imperative to have a camera in everyone’s office and could be a serious invasion of privacy.

But in an area where there are many customers (such as the lobby), you may wish to have multiple cameras. If there is a private office where confidential documents, a safe, and anything else sensitive is kept you may want to have as much surveillance equipment as possible.

You may also want surveillance equipment placed on all sides of the exterior of your place of business. 

You may also need to capture different angles in a single room. Think about the areas where sensitive equipment, documents, etc. are kept. Think about the areas where people are most likely to congregate. You want to make sure there is always a camera pointing to this area.

Keep an Eye Out

Now that you know how to set up business surveillance in your place of business, you can keep an eye out for any intruders. These tips can help you secure your workplace and give you valuable peace of mind.

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