How to Choose the Best Dentist for Your Child: A Quick Guide

Today, children between the ages of 5-19 in the United States have untreated dental caries. However, untreated dental caries could lead to other problems such as root canals, tooth loss, etc.

The best preventative method for your child is to take them to the dentist. But finding the best dentist can be tricky; what should you look for? Read this guide on choosing the best dentist for your child today!

The Atmosphere

Whether you learn more about pediatric braces or preventing cavities, pay attention to the environment. You want a positive location that’ll make your child feel comfortable. 

Look for pleasant and inviting staff. Try to find an actual dentist for kids (pediatric dentistry). Top-quality care will include those who can make your child feel comfortable and safe. 


Ensure that your local dentist is within budget. Find out how often your child will need to go. 

They might offer payment plans to help you fund the visits. Ensure that you read testimonials from previous patients as well. 

Speak with the facility about payment plans and treatment options for your child. 

Ask for Recommendations

Speak with friends and family about their children’s dentist. See who they recommend and don’t. 

Still do your own research online and check out reviews. Check Google and other search engines for reviews and the dentist’s site. See if they respond to negative feedback professionally. 

Check Their Credentials

Dentists for kids should have experience working with children. If they work with children only, they’ll be certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. 

They undergo two-three years of additional training after dental school. Pediatric dentists help children and teenagers. Remember that a pediatric dentist differs from a general dentist. 

It’s also a good idea to see where they received their training and education. Ensure that it’s an accredited dental school.

You’ll also want a dentist who continues with training throughout the years. You don’t want a dentist with the same technique as 20 years ago. 


Ensure that the hours of the dentist match what works for you. Try to find a dentist who isn’t too far from your home or job. 

See if they offer emergency services for your child. Some dentists will have an emergency answering service. This is most important at this age since children are active and could have sensitive teeth, a knocked-out tooth, etc. 

Tips on Choosing the Best Dentist for Your Child

After exploring this guide on how to choose the best dentist for your child, it should give you a good place to start. Speak to various dentists in your area and try to find one with a pediatric dentistry specialization. Then, review these different tips to ensure they’re the right dentist for your child. 

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