How to Choose the Best Family Doctor: 5 Important Considerations

Did you know that about 4,860 family medicine doctors work in the US?

Choosing the right doctor is a critical decision. Whether you’ve got a loved one who needs a pediatrician or you’re looking for a primary medical physician, you need to know you can trust the care they’ll receive.

We’ll walk you through choosing the best family doctor, so you can feel comfortable that your loved ones are in good hands.

1. Evaluating Credentials and Training

Ensure that the physician is board-certified, and if not, ask why. Did they pass the test, or did they decide not to? Check references to determine which, if any, organizations or offices they have worked with and what their experience was like.

Ask if they are trained in areas relevant to your family’s health. Make sure the doctor is up to date on the latest techniques and treatments.

Lastly, ask about their communication and bedside manner—it’s essential for a positive patient-physician relationship. 

2. Looking for Clinical Experience

A doctor’s education and clinical training can indicate their ability to provide quality care. Take the time to ask potential family doctors about their clinical experience. Also, ask how comfortable the doctor is using tech tools like mobile apps or video visits for follow-up care.

Lastly, it can be beneficial to check for any reviews or ratings of the doctor on websites like HealthGrades or Google.

3. Understanding Insurance Networks

Ask the doctor’s office and your insurance provider if they accept your plan. In-network providers contract with insurance companies so that you will receive cheaper services. Out-of-network providers do not have a contract with insurance, and preferred providers are not within the primary insurance network but will still provide services at discounted rates.

Make sure the doctor is board-certified and has good reviews from their patients. See how far the provider is from where you live and how close they are to your home.

You may also want to see which other providers are in the area. When choosing a family doctor, check out these top 5 childrens hospitals to widen your knowledge as well as your options.

4. Consideration of Specialties

Choosing a doctor who offers the type of medical care that best suits your family’s needs is critical. Consider the types of treatments and services the doctor is qualified to provide.

In addition, investigate their credentials and experience levels in certain areas. It ensures they have the skills necessary to provide high-quality medical care. Ask about the medical technology and methods the doctor utilizes.

5. Pay Attention to Patient Reviews

Pay attention to patient reviews when choosing a good family doctor. Truly satisfied patients write positively. Ask around for opinions before deciding on a physician.

Word-of-mouth reviews can significantly inform your decision. Also, check online reviews and professional ratings as they list ratings, licensing, and experience information. All of this is a valuable resource in narrowing down your choices.

Choose the Best Family Doctor

The best family doctor for you and your family is the one you feel most comfortable with and who meets your needs best. Consider factors like location, specialty area, and patient and doctor reviews. Act now to ensure the best possible healthcare for your loved ones.

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