How to Choose the Best Floors for Your Commercial Space

If you’re starting a business or upgrading your space, you might not consider the importance of commercial floors. Unlike residential floors, there are a lot more factors you need to consider when picking the best options. You can’t just pick what you like; you need to consider how the material will impact the work done in the space.

When it comes to updating a commercial space, you need to consider all your options to ensure you pick the best floors for your space. You don’t want to invest in new floors only to have to redo them soon.

So, keep reading to find out how to pick the best floors for your commercial space.

Needs of the Space

Before making any decisions or looking at quotes, you need to consider what the space is used for. This will help you determine the best floor materials to use.

Consider the day-to-day foot traffic as well as the daily operations. If you require heavy machinery to complete your work, then you need flooring that can withstand the weight and pressure.

If you’re looking for new floors for a hotel, multi-family building, or senior living center, you need to invest in stain-resistant floors that are easy to clean. You also need to consider how slippery the floor gets when wet, as people will most likely walk on the wet floors.

Floors for these spaces also need to be able to withstand heavy foot traffic while not looking like a hospital. It’s easy to forget that people live in these spaces, so it needs to be inviting.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintenance and cleaning is another important factor you need to consider when getting new floors. It’s important to regularly clean your floors with commercial-quality cleaners.

Carpets are often a good solution as they offer padding, which means foot traffic won’t cause as much damage. The padding also absorbs sound, making it a great choice for open-space environments.

If you opt for carpets, then you need to make they are cleaned by professionals to ensure no dirt or bacteria linger in the material. Carpets require a lot of regular maintenance to keep them looking new.

The material of your carpet will also determine how much of a punch it can take. Materials like nylon are made of strong fibers so that cleaning solutions won’t damage them as much.

While carpet is a good option for a commercial space, some facilities require hard flooring, especially in the medical field. When it comes to hard flooring, you need to consider the long-term maintenance costs as well as the replacement costs. A more expensive option might require less maintenance and won’t need replacing as often, making it worth the initial investment. 

When you’re looking at flooring options, you need to consider all the costs, not just the installation fee. If you choose a material that is extremely hard to clean and maintain, then you’ll rack up bills trying to keep your floors looking nice. 

You should also consider less common options like Premium Karndean Vinyl flooring. This flooring type is not only incredibly durable, but it’s also easy to install and maintain.

Pick the Material

Now that you’ve analyzed your needs, you can start looking at various flooring options that tick all your boxes. It’s a good idea to make a priority list and a separate list of extras you’d like. This way, you can ensure all your priorities are met.

You can have flooring installers come and take a look and give you a quote with detailed plans. This way, you can discuss your needs with the installers and get all the information written down. This will make it easier to compare quotes later on.

If you still can’t decide on a specific flooring type, you should consider what your competitors use. Chances are they also did their research, so you might as well capitalize on their research and consider similar flooring options. If you can visit their offices, you can also get a better feel for the flooring and see if you like it.

Read Reviews

Once you’ve picked the material you want for your floors, it’s time to start reading reviews of flooring companies. Reviews are just as trustworthy as recommendations from a trusted source. So if you don’t know anyone that has had similar floors done, you can simply turn to the web.

When reading reviews, you have to make sure you’re looking at current reviews. Older reviews can be ignored as you don’t know if the team or product is still the same now. Reading old reviews will only waste your time.

You also need to read the entire review and not just look at the star rating. Someone may have dropped a star for a reason that doesn’t apply to your situation, making it a moot point. 

Look for reviews that include photos and videos, as you can then inspect them closely to get a better understanding of the quality of work you can expect.

Pick the Best Floors

When dealing with a commercial space, you need to make sure you’re investing in the best floors possible. You don’t want to cut corners only to have to replace the floors in a few months’ time. So do your research and consider your flooring needs before asking for quotes from various companies.

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