How to Choose Your First Handgun

According to the 2021 National Firearms Survey, 31.9% of American adults personally own a firearm.

Handguns are by far the most popular personal firearm today. Compact, reliable, and easy to use, pistols and revolvers are a mainstay of personal protection and home defense.

If you’re thinking about buying your first handgun, there are a few fundamentals to consider beforehand. This beginners guide will show you how to find a first handgun that you can rely upon.

Read on for our guide on how to choose a good first handgun.

Consider Calibers

When selecting a handgun, choosing the appropriate caliber for your requirements and shooting ability is the most important decision. Caliber is a measurement of the diameter of a bullet, expressed either in inches or millimeters.

Generally, you can only shoot a given caliber type from a handgun chambered exclusively for that caliber. For example, you cannot shoot .22LR or.45APC from a 9mm handgun.

Be sure to consult your owner’s handbook and check which caliber your handgun is designed to fire. Failure to do so might lead to catastrophic firearm failure and potentially hurt you or other bystanders.

Focus on Sights

When choosing the pistol accessories, you want a sight with as much visibility as possible.

Self-defense scenarios often occur in low-light settings, therefore night sights are an excellent choice for improved visibility. Some pistols come equipped with approved night sights, but you can buy aftermarket night sights if not.

Check out truglo night sights for a simple and effective optics system for your first pistol.

Choose a Suitable Sized Handgun

The size and weight of your first handgun will determine how easy it is to handle and use. A full-size pistol is easier to handle for novices because it has greater bulk to absorb recoil, a wider grip surface, and a more precise sight radius.

As you gain experience with your first handgun, you may want to carry it discreetly for self-defense. In this situation, you should consider a smaller framed pistol. You will lose some of your sight radius, but you will gain grip space, which will improve concealment.

Always choose a gun you feel comfortable handling. What lighter guns lack in heft, they more than make up for in maneuverability.

Find the Right Action

A striker-fired pistol is the best first handgun for beginners.

Look at the rear of the slide to see if your handgun is striker-fired. A striker-fired gun features a flat rear slide, with no visible hammer. Striker-action firearms are ideal first handguns because they have little trigger resistance and a constant firing pressure.

Double action handguns have more trigger resistance and require a heavier pull to fire, making them more suitable for experienced gun owners.

Choosing Your First Handgun Made Easy!

As a future gun owner, there’s a lot to learn before purchasing your first handgun. Choosing a suitable pistol for your needs and skill level will ensure your gun never lets you down.

We hope this guide has triggered your imagination and wish you all the best with your first handgun.

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