How to Download Music Legally in 2020: 7 of the Best Sites and Apps

Are you attempting to download new music, but don’t know what sites you can use to easily get it done? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Below you’re going to find out the best places to download music legally and quickly.

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1. SoundCloud

When you’re looking for a place to download your music legally, you need to check out SoundCloud. You can also use the app to download music for free; you can also use the sight to stream all of the latest music.

The way it works is for various artists and musicians to upload their music for fans to search and download. Most of the music that is featured on the site can be downloaded for free.

There are a handful of albums and artists that you’ll have to pay a fee to download or stream their music. Free songs will feature a download free button on the right side of the track.

If you’ve been searching for the best way to download and stream, check out SoundCloud right now.

2. SoundClick

SoundClick is a place much like SoundCloud, where you can download music from various artists that are featured on the side. You can stream and download songs on this platform, but you will need to sign up to use the website before you can do that.

When you use this site, we urge you to take advantage of a couple of features. The first feature is the customized radio feature. This gives you the ability to create your custom radio station, and once you’ve created the station, you can then interact with other listeners.

You can also send people cards with attached music that you’ve downloaded from the application.

3. YouTube

YouTube is one of the best places to download and stream music and music videos that have been released by artists of all genres. All you’ve got to do is type in the song or artist you want to listen to into the search bar and appear.

YouTube will also show you a list of songs associated with the artist that you’re currently listening too. However, you should be aware that some songs on the platform can’t be downloaded because of the licensing terms that they must follow.

If you’re looking to convert songs from YouTube to MP3, check out this link This link will make downloading videos and turning them into audio files easier to do.

4. Spotify

Spotify is currently one of the most popular apps where listeners can listen to songs and playlists created specifically for them. The listening app isn’t completely free, and users can pay for specific privileges that the app offers.

If you choose to listen for free, you can create playlists with your favorite songs and share music with others. If you’d like to option to download music for when you’re offline, use the playback feature, and skip songs, you’ll have to purchase one of their premium options.

The current options that they offer to listeners include:

  • Premium Student that also gives you access to Showtime and Hulu
  • Premium Individual unlimited skips and available playback feature
  • Premium Family with use of the Spotify kids app and parental control features
  • Premium Duo with the ability to share playlists and music free of ads

All of these options make them a listening and streaming app with something for everyone to choose from. And the best part is that if you sign up for one of the premium options, you can cancel it at any time.

5. Amazon Prime Music

This streaming service once required that those who used its musical services have a membership, but that has recently changed. If you’d like to use Amazon Prime music to listen to songs, you’ll have free access to these songs with the presence of ads.

You can listen to your favorite artists and musician on whatever device you choose to use.

6. Google Play Store

You can use this app to download music for free, and if you’re an artist looking to promote your music on a free streaming app, then this is what you’ve been looking for. To gain access to the app’s music, you will need to set up an active Google account first.

And after this has been done, you will then have the access that you’ve been looking for. When you access the music page, all you’ve got to do is search for free music and then scroll through the other free music options available to you.

7. CCTrax

‘This app may be one that you’ve not heard as much as some of the others on our list, but it’s still a place where you can stream and download music. You can search for your favorite songs by title, artist, and many other filter features the site offers.

And the best part is to listen you don’t have to create an account like some of the other options will ask you to do.

How to Download Music Legally

When it comes to the question of how to download music legally, you’ve got a variety of options and ways to do so. Gone are the days of paying to listen to your favorite artists, and they’ve been replaced with various and legal ways to listen peacefully.

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