How to Generate More Customers and Foot Traffic for Your Store

Your business is now several months old. However, customer numbers have not grown as expected. What could be wrong? How do you scale the numbers up?

Foot traffic is a necessity in any business since it increases opportunities for customer engagement. This leads to high revenue. These ideas on how to generate more customers could be quite useful in improving the current flow of visitors to your store.

1. Manage Your Storefront

You would be surprised how simple tasks such as sweeping the storefront and cleaning the windows can increase customer appeal. Step outside your store once in a while and study its physical state. From the paint job, windows, doors, and walls.

You can decorate your outside walls to enhance customer appeal. Observe the behavior of people passing by your store. Do they shop at a different nearby store first? Do they stop by your business to window shop?

 Paint your storefront with eye-catching colors or add drawings of your best products. You can contact an industrial coating company for improvements on your store’s interior.

2. Establish an Appealing Window Display

In addition to keeping the window clean, maintain an appealing window display for the passersby. The window display will intrigue the customers’ curiosity. The window display is ideal if your store is located at a popular destination with good foot traffic

3. Get the Right Signage

Research shows that 35% of people ignore your business if it lacks a sign. The sign does not have to be brightly lit, ensure that the business name is noticeable. You can include an email address, website, or phone number for a more professional look.

4. Invest In Employee Training

You can have an appealing storefront and offer the best products, but poor customer service will affect your foot traffic negatively. Train your employees or hire an expert to train them on how to leave a lasting impression.

Words such as “Thank you for shopping with us” can go a long way. The customer will leave your store feeling satisfied and happy. Train the employees to treat the customer with respect and kindness regardless of their attitude.

5. Embrace Digital Trends

You have to keep up with the digital trends for your business to stay relevant. Technology has led us to rely more on our phones.

Digital trends do not only include having a website that can easily be accessed through search engine optimization. The internet provides many opportunities that will help you generate more customers and increase foot traffic.

You can embrace social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to promote your brand. Most people rely on social media for business and customer reviews, especially with the rise of online shopping. Make sure you offer excellent customer service to improve your reviews and attract more customers to your business.

Other Ideas on How to Generate More Customers

You can also develop an application to increase foot traffic. The application can adapt the Geo-fencing technique to inform the customer of your location. Also, an application allows you to inform customers about ongoing deals, offers, and discounts in your business.

The above tips will inform you on how to generate more customers and foot traffic for your business if you are up for a challenge. Remember that signage and advertising can only take your business so far. Ensure you have the proper product mix to translate the foot traffic into business revenue. Your bottom line matters most.

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