How to Make Some Extra Money by Selling Books

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Did you know that the production of the printing press in 1440 created a 20-fold increase in the production of books within the first few hundred years? Increased production also decreased the price of books by 341 times after the printing press. 

The growing availability of quickly produced and cheaper books led to a growth in the category of books for sale. Today books are available anywhere you go. 

You might have more books on your hands than you’d like. If you’re looking to get rid of some books and want to make extra money, this guide will show you how. 

Look Through Your Collections 

If you’re looking for ways to make extra money, you should consider looking through some of the clutter you have at home. If you’ve collected an extensive book collection over the years but are looking to free up your space then selling them is the most logical step. 

First, you should go through your assortment of books to see what is worth selling and bring you the most profit. The best kinds of books to resell include college textbooks, newly published books, and books about a niche topic. 

If you have a collection of rare manuscripts or first editions of specific texts you might be able to make a profit from those as well. 

Make Sure They’re In Good Condition 

While it’s not impossible to sell books that have missing pages or writing on every page, you should expect to make less money off of these. After finding out their monetary value you can decide if it’s best to sell. 

To make a good earning off of selling books they should be in relatively good condition. This means your books should have intact covers and minimal wear and tear. Make sure you wipe any dust off your collection before taking pictures for potential buyers. 

Find a Place To Sell 

To make extra money online selling books the most important part of the process is finding the best place to sell. There are several different websites that buy your books or ones where you can sell them directly. 

Certain websites are best for selling your textbooks while others can help you make a buck or two for small fiction books.

To get a good amount of cash for your books, especially for antiques or books about religion or the sciences, you need to find a website with more experience purchasing these types of materials. 

Make Sure to Package Them Safely 

It’s important to put extra care in packaging your books when shipping them off. This will ensure they’re kept in good condition when they arrive and you get paid a fair price.

The method of payment will vary from website to website but ensuring proper and safe payment is crucial. Make sure you only work with legitimate websites when selling your books online. 

Follow This Guide to Make Extra Money Selling Books

If you’re wondering how to make extra money from home then this guide can help you.

Selling your old books is simple if you find the right website to sell them to. Make sure you check out some of our other blogs to learn more. 

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