How to Pack a Kitchen With Fragile Items

A kitchen can be a messy place. Some people may mince meat at the butcher block counter or even leave a butcher knife sticking out. They may splash any number of liquids while preparing meals.

And in that environment, you need to get a kitchen packed for a move. Not only will you have to pack fragile items, but how will you pack them in the best possible way? How can you pack a kitchen with no damage?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading below to learn the best way to pack your kitchen before a move!

Bubble Wrap Is Your Friend

First, make sure you have a good supply of bubble wrap. You will need enough to wrap each item.

Start by packing fragile items first. These include items made of glass or ceramic and anything that is delicate. Then, wrap each item snugly in bubble wrap, making sure that all sides are protected.

Once all your fragile items are wrapped, pack them into boxes or storage containers. Fill any empty spaces in the boxes with crumpled paper or bubble wrap. This can help prevent items from shifting during transport.

Use a Soft Cooler for Extra Protection

Consider using a soft cooler for extra protection and insulation. This will help to cushion any bumps along the way and keep your items safe.

When packing the cooler, be sure to pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top. Don’t forget to label the cooler too.

Line Your Boxes With Towels or Blankets

Be sure to use plenty of towels or blankets to keep your fragile items safe. Place the towels or blankets in the bottom of the box and then place your fragile items on top.

Make sure to pack them tightly so they don’t move around during transport. If possible, include a layer of bubble wrap or padding. Place it between the towels or blankets and your fragile items.

Be Extra Careful With Glass and Dishes

Use unprinted wax paper. Place them between each piece to protect them from chipping and breaking.

Then, pack your glasses and dishes tightly in small boxes so they don’t move around and break. Label the boxes “Fragile” in large, easily readable letters.

Use Packing Peanuts for Extra Fragile Items

Packing peanuts are small, lightweight foam pieces that can fill in empty spaces in a box. They help to keep fragile items from moving around and breaking.

For extra protection, you can place the wrapped items in a box lined with packing peanuts. Make sure the peanuts completely surround the items.

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Learn How To Pack a Kitchen Like a Pro

Learning how to pack a kitchen can be daunting, especially when there are fragile items involved. But with a little patience and the right supplies, it can be done relatively easily.

Be sure to wrap each fragile item. And use bubble wrap or packing peanuts for extra protection. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and use more packing materials rather than less.

Once everything is packed up, label each box clearly and carefully so you know which items are inside. And finally, don’t forget to tape up the boxes well to keep everything secure.

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