How to Pack Dishes for Moving

Are you going through the dreadful task of packing your belongings before a move?

Whether you’re relocating across town or the country is a huge undertaking. On the other hand, the worst part when relocating is packing.

You must pack essential moving items, including your plates and cups. That is why many hire professional moving companies to do the work for them.

Doing it alone can be even more stressful unless you know proper packing methods. But don’t worry; we’re here to help.

Read on for all the tips on how to pack dishes for moving the right way.

Selecting the Right Boxes

When moving dishes, selecting the right boxes is critical. Generally, sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes are the best option.

Think about your dishes; if they are fragile and need extra care, choose boxes with double-ply walls and reinforced bottoms for added support. Once you have the right boxes, it’s time to start packing. 

Choosing Appropriate Packing Materials

When moving dishes, you must choose packing materials made specifically to cushion, protect and prevent breakage while in transit. Packing materials such as bubble wrap, air-filled cushion bags, foam chips, and hard foam blocks are excellent at protecting dishes during a move. 

Wrapping Porcelain and Glass Dinnerware 

When packing dishes for a move, special considerations should be taken to protect fragile items, like porcelain and glass dinnerware. Items should be individually wrapped in packing paper, bubble wrap, or cornstarch foam before being placed in the moving box.

Make sure to use an abundance of padding, like packing peanuts or newspaper, to fill the box and protect the items. Consider using crumpled paper to wrap fragile pieces of dinnerware to protect them from other things that could be damaging.

Strategically Placing and Arranging Plates and Bowls

When packing dishes for moving, it is essential to place and arrange plates and bowls strategically. This will help to keep them protected during the move and make unpacking easier.

Start by layering a box with several flat pieces of cardboard; this will provide additional cushioning. Place the plates flat and about half full. Do not stack the plates too high, or one bowl may slide down and cause them all to break.

Make sure to fill the top with cardboard and secure the box with tape. Pack your heavier items, like dinner plates and bowls, near the bottom of the box and your lighter items, like tea cups, saucers, and dishes, near the top.

Pack each item or stack of plates and bowls in a separate layer in the box to make them easier to access. 


Crafting a Secure Bubble Wrap Layer

Creating a secure bubble wrap layer of protection when packing dishes for moving is vital. Start by wrapping each dish individually.

Secure bubble wrap around each piece, using the small air pockets to protect the item from any hard objects that might cause damage. When several dishes or plates are put in one box, place bubble wrap between them to avoid chipping or other breakages.

To create extra secure layers, double-wrap each piece with additional bubble wrap and line the box before placing the items inside. This will act as cushioning should the box be mishandled during the move. 

Securely Transport Plates, Tea Cups, and Coffee Mugs

When packing dishes for moving, it is essential to ensure you securely transport plates, tea cups, and coffee mugs. Start with an appropriately sized box and a padding material such as bubble wrap.

Wrap each dish with the padding material, cover the edges and corners completely, and then place them in the box. If you have nested dishes, such as plates, fill the gaps with packing paper.

To stop the box from becoming too heavy to move, be strategic about where you place more serious items. Place the heaviest dish on the bottom and the lightest on the top.

Fill any extra space within the box with Styrofoam material or newspapers. To secure the box, use packing tape.

Finally, stack your boxes in the moving company truck, leaving a space between the box and the vehicle’s wall. With these steps, your plates, tea cups, and coffee mugs should safely get to your new home.

Double the Protection for Large Pieces

Double the protection is essential for large pieces when packing dishes for moving. Strap them in dowels or bubble wrap and secure them with tape.

Label each box with an inventory of the pieces included, or “fragile” or “handle with care” to alert handlers. When loading the dishes in the moving truck, position them vertically and secure the boxes with bungee cords or straps so they can’t move around. 

Label All Boxes Accordingly

Labeling all boxes when packing for a move is essential. Tape the boxes closed and mark them with a permanent marker so that any handling en route to its new home is easier for the movers and yourself.

Label each box carefully, using a list, an inventory sheet, or the contents of each box. Label the box with what room it is destined for so that it can be placed accordingly when it arrives at its destination. 

Knowing How To Pack Dishes for Moving Saves A Lot of Time

To ensure your dishes arrive at your destination intact, it’s essential to know how to pack dishes for moving. Be sure to prepare ahead of time and have bubble wrap, packing paper, and boxes.

Wrap each dish individually, label the boxes and stack heavy plates on the bottom. Don’t forget to save extra packing materials for other items.

With careful packing, you can ensure that your dishes arrive safely and sound at your new home. Start packing your dishes today to make your move a successful one!

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