How to Select a Dog Breed: The Complete Guide for New Owners

Science has proven that bonding with a pet can lower stress levels and improve your quality of life.

Pets like dogs are used as service animals to assist war veterans who battle PTSD. So getting a dog is a good idea if you have been feeling down and out.

All dogs are great companions and help lift your spirits. But, you will want to select a dog breed that is compatible with your home environment.

Continue reading to learn tips on choosing the perfect dog breed for your home.

Dog Breed Options

Research dog breeds that will adapt to your family and work life. You will have no problem finding a dog that perfectly fits your wants and needs. 

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments so you can be selective. 

Small and Large Dogs

Small dog breeds are the best for apartments and senior citizens. They do not require a lot of space to stay active and are easy to handle.

But larger dogs have a lot of energy and need the space to blow off some steam. They need a yard to play in and an active owner who can keep up.  

Pure Breeds

Purebred dogs have parents of the same breed. It is easy to predict purebred dogs’ size, temperament, and lifespan.

Purebred dogs tend to cost more because their genetics are not mutated. But a purebred’s health can be compromised if they are interbred with siblings. 

Mixed Breed Dogs

Mixed breed dogs have parents who are not of the same breed. It is harder to determine a mixed breed’s size and health outcomes.

But mixed breeds are typically cheaper than purebreds. And mixed breeds are not interbred with relatives. 

Local Dog Breeder

Trusted local dog breeders keep a record of a dog’s family line regardless of the breed type. You know what to expect from your pup when you get educated on their lineage and breed. 

Dog breeders will guide you on how to take care of your pup and be a resource even after you take your pup home. 

Foster a Dog 

Be a dog foster parent to ease into dog parenting. Dogs do well when they have a set schedule for play and feeding time. 

Fostering a dog will get you accustomed to sticking to routines. You will discover your ideal dog type and experience the unconditional love of a dog. 

Being a dog foster parent helps you prepare your home for a permanent fur baby.

Regular Dog Maintenance 

Schedule regular veterinary and grooming visits to keep your pet happy and healthy. Research the best veterinary care in your area, and see who specializes in your dog breed.

Check out this pet grooming franchise to see what grooming services best suit your pet’s needs.

Select a Dog Breed 

Compatibility is the main factor in choosing a dog for your home. So be sure to select a dog breed that will complement your lifestyle. 

Check out the Pets section to learn how to plan for a dog companion.


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