How to Smoke a Cigarette: A Complete Guide

When you’re interested in enjoying a good smoke, it’s important that you find out the tips that’ll let you enjoy it. Learning how to smoke involves a few points to satisfy, and from there, you can try out what you like and what works for you. 

Plenty of people take the time to smoke a cigarette so that they can have a break to their day. The points in this article will help you to learn how to smoke a cigarette correctly. 

Pick the Best Type of Cigarette For You

People that love cigarettes tend to be brand loyal. There are plenty for you to try out so that you can see what you like. 

Some popular brands that you can check out include Marlboro, Benson & Hedges, Bond Street, Peter Jackson, and Winfield. There are also plenty of raw tobacco options you can purchase that will let you roll your own cigarettes. 

You can buy some smokes online here. 

Understand the End to Smoke

Make sure that you also look into the mechanics of smoking. This sounds like a given, but it may not be immediately obvious to people who don’t smoke. 

One end of the cigarette has a filter, and typically is the end that is a different color, features a ring around it, or otherwise has a designation to let you know which end to inhale from. The other end is the one that you spark so that you can smoke. 

Play Around With Some Different Ways to Hold Your Cigarette

Next, you have to figure out the way to hold your cigarette so that you can smoke comfortably. People have different ways of holding it, and it’s a matter of preference. 

The classic way of smoking is to take your cigarette and allow it to rest between your index finger and your middle finger. Other people hold the cigarette between their thumb and index finger. 

Play around with some different holds so that you can figure out what works for you and what is the most comfortable. 

Take Small Puffs and Enjoy It

Light your cigarette so that you’re only slightly burning the end of it. From there, the cigarette will stay lit with little to no effort as you keep taking inhales. 

When you decide to inhale, enjoy small puffs that you breathe into your lungs and exhale slowly. Smoke the cigarette down to your liking and take the time to reflect and enjoy the present moment. 

There’s been research done that smoking is meditative since people are taking time out to deliberately inhale and exhale while taking a break from it all. 

Learn How to Smoke a Cigarette Effectively

When you’re looking to learn how to smoke a cigarette effectively, the points above will get you started. Whether you’re a long-time smoker or a novice, the tips in this article remain true, and will be useful to you. 

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