Is Certified Mail Really Better Than Priority Mail? The Key Differences

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A lot of small businesses are making a killing today. It’s an evolution that will only become more important as people increasingly find and explore work from home opportunities. 

If you have a work from home business, you definitely need to learn as much as you can about shipping costs, types, and services. Sending certified packages and envelopes is likely something that your business will have to look into sooner or later. 

Keep reading to learn more about certified mail. 

What Should You Know About Certified Mail?

So what is certified mail? Let’s break down the differences and similarities of certified vs. priority mail, point by point. 

1. Priority Mail is Classified Based on How Fast it Gets to the Recipient

Priority mail refers to the type of postage that gets your package where it needs to be fast. Priority mail promises shipping times as quickly as overnight and next day and typically is no later than 2 or 3 days. 

Choosing to ship with priority mail lets you get your mail to destinations all over the country. You’d typically use this when time is of the essence, or you’re sending something that is valuable or important. 

2. Certified Mail Adds Services and Protections

So where does certified mail come into play? Certified mail is an optional service you can add to priority mail shipments. 

With certified mail, you get the extra assurances of proof of delivery. You can use the tracking number on your receipt to make sure that it’s gotten to its destination. Priority mail senders typically require the recipient to sign, so that you know that it’s not only arrived but arrived in the correct hands. 

You can use this service on either priority or first-class shipments. These services are particularly useful for businesses, who need all of the guarantees that they can get when it comes to communicating with customers and associates. 

3. Get to Know the Price of Certified Mail

The best thing you can do is stay aware of what you’re paying for certified mail. These USPS certified mail rates are set by the federal government, so always know the rate and double-check with your shipping provider. 

Be sure to keep copies of your receipts both for tracking purposes, and to make sure you can file a claim if something goes wrong. When shipping certified mail, you can add an insurance plan to cover the item that you’re shipping. 

You may also want to subscribe to shipping services so that you’re able to get better prices for shipping more items, more frequently. 

Handle Your Shipping Needs 

Use these tips to get to know certified mail and what it entails. Whenever you’re making shipments for your business, you should stay aware of the details and always shoot for the best price options that you can find. 

Get organized with your shipments and make sure to factor shipping costs into your budget. Keep some quality shipping materials handy, and add your branding to your packages so they have uniformity. 

To learn more about these and other shipping benefits. 

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