Is It Bad to Sell a House as Is? (The Answer Is No)

Selling a house can mean big changes are in store for you. You may be looking for a new start, and want to get started on that journey as quickly as possible. 

But, there might be one problem. Your home is not in the best of shape and it has seen better days. 

To be attractive to more potential buyers, you may have to spend thousands of dollars renovating your house. This can take anywhere from seven to 15 months

If you do not want to do that, you can sell a house as is. How do you do that effectively? Here are some tips. 

Set a Fair Price

A house as is may not have all of the glamors of a modern house, but it can be a draw to the right type of buyer. But, the first thing you have to do to get that buyer in the door is to have the right listing price. 

Your house may be worth $500,000 with everything in perfect shape and relatively new. However, if things are falling apart and have to be fixed just to live in it, you may have to settle for say half of that. 

Study your local market and be aware of what type of house you are offering. You are going to have to offer a friendlier price selling a house as is. 

Save Time Negotiating

One of the bigger benefits of selling a house as is that you do not have to worry about repairs being a condition to buy your house. With other houses, certain repairs may be part of the negotiation of a sale that can either dramatically lengthen the process, or result in the loss of the sale. 

With this option, you can also get a pre-inspection knowing in advance that you will not be making any repairs. This is something you can present to a buyer upfront and have them decide from there what they want to do. 

Normally, an inspection may be a condition to an offer made on the house, so you can speed this part of the process up. 

The Right Buyer

In this type of market, you are much more likely to have the right type of buyer for your house because they will know what they want going into your house. 

These are the type of buyers that do not mind fixing it up to make it their home, or they want to flip it. Selling your property as is can attract real estate investors and people who specifically buy houses for a living. 

This can be a benefit for you because when you are dealing with professionals, they are less likely to waste your time. You will know you have a serious buyer on your hands. 

Sell a House as Is

Do not be afraid to sell a house as is. If your time is important to you and you do not want to wait months or even over a year for repairs and renovations to finish, this can be for you. 

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