Is It Really Possible to Get a Bigger Penis Naturally?

Based on studies from 2015, the average American erect penis was about 6 inches. However, many men have found themselves dissatisfied or feeling self-conscious about the size of their package.

Whether to impress and satisfy your significant other or for your own satisfaction, you aren’t alone if you have found yourself wishing to increase your penis size. But, can you get a bigger penis naturally? Read on to find out.

Surgical Penis Enhancements

Penuma is the only surgical male enhancement that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, it will carry a hefty price tag and come with some stipulations.

For instance, you must be circumcised before the procedure, swollen for weeks following, and must avoid any sexual activity for about six weeks. With surgery, you always face risks. These include infection, blood clots, misshapen penis, and other issues.

Are There Natural Methods?

With the risks and pricetag of surgical methods, you’re probably wondering what other options there are. Can you make your penis bigger naturally?

There are actually several ways that people have been able to find great results in male sexual enhancement.

Male Enhancement Pills

Guys have been on the search for the best male enhancement pills since they started making them. There are so many different options on the market. Some of these can help with erectile dysfunction (ED).

It’s best to find a pill or supplement that focuses on increasing blood flow. A stronger erection means a larger erection.


Pelvic floor exercises can help strengthen your erections. This, again, will help you increase the length of your penis by providing strong erections with good blood flow.

“Jelqing” is a stretching exercise that can help with length and girth. If done correctly, the micro-tears will heal to create more girth and generate better circulation. This exercise is done in a very specific way and you can find more information here.

Lifestyle Changes

Losing some weight, if appropriate for your body type, is a good way to see a difference downstairs. Larger men actually can’t see their entire penis because it starts at their pubic bone. Fat deposits in this area can cover up much of the length.

Vacuum Pump

You may be familiar with this device if you’ve ever seen the movie Austin Powers. But, these medical-grade devices are no joke when it comes to helping with ED and naturally enhancing your male genitalia. 


Trimming pubic hair can help create a better visual of the penis. Therefore, you’ve seemingly added length to your member. Even if this is simply an illusion, it helps create confidence!

Getting a Bigger Penis Naturally

Getting a bigger penis naturally is entirely possible! You do not have to go to huge lengths like having surgical procedures done to increase your sex life and confidence level.

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