It’s Vegas! Learn About 7 Cool Places in Las Vegas

They don’t call it sin city for nothing. It has been the inspiration for blockbuster films. It has been the site of some of the most historic acts in history. 

It’s a place where dreams are made or broken in a matter of seconds. 

Yes, Las Vegas has a storied history and has only grown larger as the years have gone by.

Today, the number of cool places in Las Vegas to visit are literally endless, especially if you’re only in Vegas for a short time.

So, how do you figure out where to go? Here, learn about 7 awesome places in Las Vegas you should definitely visit if you have the chance.

7 Cool Places in Las Vegas

We all know Las Vegas is a cool place to visit, with lots of attractions to visit and plenty of gambling to go around.

But even if you have more than a few days to peruse the town, you aren’t likely to hit nearly all the attractions you would want to.

With this in mind, you would be wise to check out this list of 7 great attractions you will want to hit if you wind up in Las Vegas.

1. See the Las Vegas Golden Knights

Are you a fan of grown men bashing one another into glass walls, knocking each other’s teeth out, and slapping solid pucks at 100 miles per hour?

Of course you are! And that means you are also a hockey fan.

It just so happens that the Las Vegas Golden Knights are a fantastic attraction to see when NHL hockey is in season. The Golden Knights were only founded a couple of years ago, beginning in the 2017-18 season. 

Amazingly, their inaugural season saw them go all the way to the Stanley cup, unfortunately losing to the Washington Capitals eventually.

Nonetheless, the Golden Knights are an exciting new team that will provide you with a great night of quality ice hockey.

2. Go See Where Pawn Stars Is Filmed

People always think about gambling and clubs when it comes to Las Vegas, but there is just so much more to the city! 

For example, down the strip, you can visit the now world-renowned Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, the pawnshop where Rick Harrison and the gang film the hit history channel TV series Pawn Stars, a reality show about a family running a pawn shop on the strip in Vegas. 

While a pawn shop doesn’t sound super enticing off the bat, this is no ordinary pawn shop. There are all kinds of amazing artifacts and items in this shop, some worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and are literally one of a kind.

You can shop in the store, get tours, and even meet the stars if you’re lucky enough.

3. See “O” By Cirque Du Soleil

Since debuting in 1998 over two decades ago, “O” has become one of Cirque Du Soleil’s most famous shows ever, gaining worldwide prominence.

This show has it all: acrobatics, fire twirling, storyline, water performances, and so much more.

If you find yourself in Las Vegas looking for a high-quality show with the finest performers the world has ever seen, look no further than “O“.

4. Drive a SuperCar on a Real Racetrack

Have you ever wanted to drive a Ferrari? Certainly, most of us have. Well, if you find yourself bored in Las Vegas, you may just have a chance.

No, you don’t have to win a million bucks at the casino in order to do it.

Off the strip of Vegas is an amazing attraction where you get to pay per lap to drive a real Ferrari, one of the world’s most respected supercar brands. 

Just picture it: the feel of the power of a real Ferrari gripping the track as you whip the wheel around and put the throttle to the floor. 

Certainly worth a look, no?

5. Check Out the MGM Grand Buffet

This may seem weird, but you simply have not had a real buffet until you have tried the buffet at the MGM Grand hotel and casino. 

Why? Put simply, it is a buffet of the most expensive and gourmet food you could ever imagine.

What are we talking about exactly? How about brisket, strip steaks, sushi, hot or cold crab legs, and pizza made to order?

That’s just a few of the amazing things you can get at this buffet that seems to stretch for miles.

This buffet is so good, you often have to wait in line for a good while just to get a seat!

6. Go See the Chihuly Glass Work at the Bellagio

If you have not heard of Dale Chihuly, read up on who is considered to be the father of modern glass blowing.

With that said, suffice it to say he is a legendary glassblower who has created some of the most beautiful glass exhibits the world has ever seen. One of them just so happens to litter the ceiling of the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

The sheer size of the work and the colors and shapes rendered will leave your jaw dropped and your neck craned for hours.

There truly is no more beautiful piece of art you will see for free than the Chihuly work at the Bellagio, so check it out!

7. Go Gamble!

We couldn’t round out a list of attractions in Las Vegas without including the most prominent thing to do there – gambling!

Vegas is known for its many casinos and vast array of games and limits available. Basically, if it can be bet on, Las Vegas offers it.

Be sure to hit some of the more famous casinos on the strip and get that amazing atmosphere as you gamble and have a good time.

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There is no question that there are endless cool places in Las Vegas to visit. Be sure to keep this list in mind if you happen to be headed there!

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