Key Benefits of Promoting Health and Wellness in the Workplace

One out of three professionals will not return to the workplace because of mental health-related reasons. The wellness in workplace topic is becoming more relevant since the pandemic. HR and management professionals are exploring how to promote health and wellness in the workplace.

It is important that employees are well enough to function in and out of the workplace. It is not fair for employees to sacrifice their health for their job. Employees should be given access to health and wellness services while at work.

Company health and wellness is vital to your company’s success. As an employer, you should strive to provide employees with a healthy work environment. Keep reading to learn the benefits of promoting wellness in the workplace.

Employee Wellness Options

There are a number of wellness programs that companies can offer their employees. These programs do not replace traditional healthcare. Wellness programs are designed to prevent unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office.  

Staff retreats act as a wellness option to keep employees motivated. Invite health and wellness speakers to talk to your employees about the importance of mental health and wellness. Learn about health and wellness speakers and how they can serve your employees.

Plan wellness workshops for your staff to explore alternative wellness practices. These workshops should introduce employees to holistic forms of wellness. Reiki, reflexology, and acupuncture are great options for your wellness workshops.

Provide employees with a wellness spend-down account. This account can be used for massages, therapy sessions, and gym memberships. Your employees should not come out of pocket for these wellness services.

Wellness in the Workplace

Investing in your employees’ health and wellness pays off in the long run. Healthy employees produce quality work with less burnout. There are 5 benefits to putting health and wellness 1st in the workplace.

The first benefit is having employees that are happy to come to work. If your employees are always tired, then they are always calling out of work. The work gets delayed because your staff is not well enough to do the work. 

The second benefit of promoting health and wellness is receiving interest from potential employees. The word will spread about how well you care for your employees. This will entice professionals to inquire about openings at your company.

The third benefit is a friendly work environment. When people are healthy, they are also happy. The atmosphere around work becomes lighter.

The fourth benefit is having better relationships with your employees. Your employees will be more inclined to come to you with concerns if they feel supported. You will be seen as a resource and not an adversary. 

The fifth benefit is, that your employees will get more work done. Employees who are healthy will not prolong or dread getting their work done. You will notice improvements in employee performance. 

Beyond the Workplace

Support the wellness in the workplace movement by investing in your employees. Employees will come to work as their best selves because of the improvements you made in the workplace.

Revisit the resources presented in this article to guide your company’s health and wellness efforts.


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