Learn to Play Guitar: Your First Steps

Did you know that the first guitar was created in Ancient Egypt? The guitar has come a long way since then and is generally considered the most popular instrument in the world. 

Luckily for you, since the guitar is so popular, there is a lot of information available online to help you learn to play the guitar. So, keep reading to find out the steps you need to take to learn to play guitar today.

Get a Guitar

You can’t learn how to play the guitar if you don’t have access to one. Investing in a beginner guitar is a great option if you can’t initially borrow one.

It doesn’t make sense to buy a professional-grade guitar when you’re starting out, as you don’t know if you’ll commit to playing the instrument for years to come. Also if you aren’t an experienced musician you might end up buying a guitar that doesn’t fit your sound and style. A beginner guitar is suitable for all styles of music so it will allow you to experiment without a hefty price tag.

Back to Basics

Before you can start jamming it is important to know the names and uses of the different parts of a guitar. That way if someone tells you to tighten the machine heads you’ll know what they are referring to. 

This is important if you’re planning to learn without guitar lessons as most videos or tutorials you watch will use the instrument terms, so learning the terms will save you time.

Basic Finger Exercises

You need to know how to place your fingers properly on a guitar if you want to properly play the guitar. By finding and regularly doing some guitar finger exercises you’ll train your fingers to find the movement natural so that when you start advancing you don’t need to think about your finger placement.

Learn How to Read Guitar TAB

Guitar TAB is a simpler form of writing out music where the music is written as numbers and letters on 6 lines that represent the 6 loose strings of the guitar, instead of traditional music notes. 

When learning to read guitar TAB you shouldn’t worry about hammer-ons and pull-offs until you’ve mastered playing and reading the TAB at the same time. While these techniques might look cooler it is important to master the basics before you start refining your technique.

Practice, Practice, Practice

While this might be the most boring step, in this case, practice does make perfect. So when you’re discouraged and don’t feel like practicing you just need to remember why you wanted to learn to play the guitar. It won’t always be fun, but you won’t improve if you don’t play regularly.

Easily Learn to Play Guitar

Now that you have all the knowledge needed to help you on your journey to learn to play guitar, you can go ahead and jam to your heart’s content. Remember, mastering a skill (or even just being decent at it) takes some time, so don’t be discouraged and continue practicing.

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