Looking for a Coffee Alternative? Check Out These 10 Options

Life can be hectic and demands a lot of our energy, especially in the workplace. While it’s the American way to re-fuel with coffee multiple times a day, it may not be a very healthy habit. 

While a cup or so a day is perfectly healthy, there are better ways to refuel throughout the day instead of your typical (and expensive) Starbucks runs!

Too much coffee can cause anxiety, stomach pains, headaches and more annoying side effects that will actually make your workday worse. A coffee alternative may be best if you are experiencing these side effects. 

Keep reading for our favorite ways to refuel without those irritating coffee jitters. 

1) Tea Time

Tea is probably the most obvious alternative to coffee. Tea is a great alternative because there are so many preferences; from dozens of flavors, to whether you like your drinks hot or cold. 

Tea can also provide health benefits, as many types include antioxidants. There are also strains of teas that can help with your personal health issues, from your menstrual cycle to digestive issues, teas are a natural and delicious aid. 

Some teas can also be naturally sweet, which allows you to leave your fattening cream and sugar at home. 

2) Yerba Mate

This drink originated in South America but is becoming globally popular. This beverage is all-natural, as it’s made from naturally caffeinated leaves. 

The drink is packed with antioxidants and nutrients, and gives you a similar buzz to coffee, but without the crash. This drink is easy to prepare and delicious. There are also companies canning this drink so that you can have a healthy and easy on the go boost. 

To learn more about the origins of Yerba Mate and the leaf from which it originates, head to this helpful site.

3) CBD Energy Drink

CBD has been everywhere recently, and it provides so many benefits, from aches and pains to stress relief. But, did you know that it is also a great energy booster?

Throw out those super unhealthy energy drinks with intense crashes, and turn instead to CBD energy drinks. The energy with CBD is a great way to healthily boost before a workout or before work. 

It’s also so easy to make, our favorite comes in a powder that you just pour into a water bottle, shake up and go! Make CBD an easy part of your morning or workout routine. 

4) Lemon Water

Lemon water is such an easy and healthy way to get a little energy and a boost of Vitamin C. Try having a glass every morning to start your day off healthily.

To shake it up, add other fruits and veggies, like cucumber or oranges for a delicious and refreshing twist. 

5) Apple Cider Vinegar 

Not only can apple cider vinegar give you an energy boost, but it also has a multitude of other benefits. From weight loss to killing harmful bacteria, it is a great option for someone who wants an energy boost along with other benefits. 

Despite its benefits, apple cider vinegar isn’t the yummiest option, and the vinegar is strong and can burn your throat if you drink it alone. Dilute a teaspoon or so into a glass of water, and then drink to make sure the taste isn’t too strong.  

6) Kombucha 

Kombucha is all the rage these days, and it can be found in almost every grocery store chain in the U.S. 

This drink is fermented black tea, so it gives you energy, as well as the benefits of a probiotic. The drink can also improve your immune system because it’s packed with antibiotics. 

People also drink kombucha to help with chronic illnesses, click the link for more information on this. 

7) Coconut Water

Coconut water is a healthy energy boost full of natural electrolytes for full hydration. This option is naturally sweet and delicious with antioxidant properties. The beverage is composed mostly of water and has very little fat. This yummy natural drink is also full of vitamins from vitamin c to potassium and magnesium.

8) Probiotic Drinks 

Probiotic drinks are becoming increasingly popular, and many brands are making these tasty beverages. They are typically sparkling, and have active cultures, a great source of probiotics, which supports a healthy gut. 

These drinks help support a healthy digestive system, and can also help perk you up after a long day, all while feeling better about your health. 

9) Matcha

This trendy drink can be found at most hip coffee shops. This green, milky beverage is delicious, healthy, and energizing. It can improve brain function due to the high amount of antioxidants, ensuring that you can focus during a busy workday.

10) Wheatgrass 

Have you heard of wheatgrass shots and thought this strange drink was just for health nuts? Think again. 

Tons of people are trying wheatgrass for its amazing benefits. This all-natural energizer is packed with vitamins and nutrients. People are taking wheatgrass shots for issues from cancer to inflammatory issues. 

Wheatgrass is most popularly taken as a shot due to its bitter, earthy flavor.  

Addicted to the Bean? Try A Coffee Alternative!

One of the most negative qualities of drinking coffee is that it’s addictive. If you feel like you may be drinking too much coffee and are a borderline or serious coffee addict, try checking a few of these other options out! 

Not only are many of these options delicious, but they are also affordable and can offer additional benefits to your health!

Get the energy boost you need, while making a healthier you by trying a coffee alternative today!

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