Options for Rehab: How to Find a Good Facility Near You

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Substance abuse facilities are not all the same. There are 13,585 centers in the United States. Which one is right for you?

Recognizing you need treatment is a huge first step. Now you need a good facility near you. Read on to learn how to decide which are your right options for rehab.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse have a terrible effect on the lives of addicts and their families. Fortunately, there are treatments that are successful. Many treatment centers offer hope of recovery with a wide variety of approaches.

The effects of drug and alcohol abuse are physical, medical, financial, emotional, social and psychological. Getting on the road to recovery is difficult. Staying on that road is also a huge challenge.

In or Out

Rehabilitation centers are either inpatient or outpatient facilities.

Inpatient facilities may have higher rates of success but the expense could mean that the amount of time you have is low. They involve a major change in your life. Working and family life is completely disrupted. 

Outpatient facilities can be cheaper but their success rate can be lower too. You can maintain a more normal life activity including living at home, family relationships and even carry on working.


Treatment centers vary in the focus of their work. Some specialize only in alcohol abuse or drug abuse while others cater to a wide range of needs. Choose a facility that meets your needs includes choosing one that has a track record of treating your particular challenges.


There is a wide range of treatments available to alcohol and drug abuse facilities. Some might appeal to you more than others. Doing some research into substance abuse treatment might help you decide which center to choose.


Some assessment of the reputation of a facility may indicate their success rate and the likelihood of meeting your needs. Online reviews can be helpful but more reliable are the assessments of health professionals.

Ask your physician for their recommendations. Ask them what it is about what they know about the facility and your specific needs that make their recommendation appropriate.

Standard of Accommodation

The range of amenities offered by a drug and alcohol rehab facility might influence your choice. Some centers provide top hotel standard accommodation and services. Others are less sophisticated but may still be very successful at helping you recover. 


The location of a rehab facility may be very relevant to you. If you are choosing an outpatient service, a convenient location is important. If you choose inpatient services then perhaps you can travel further away from home.


How long should your program be? Take professional advice about your needs. The decision may be based on medical needs, financial consideration, and other commitments.


A major differentiator between rehab facilities is the price. This factor could be more about the standard of accommodation than the effectiveness of treatment. It’s important to understand exactly what you are paying for.

Options for Rehab

Work through this list of factors. Assess a range of facilities. The options for rehab centers will quickly get whittled down to a few.

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