Psychology in the Workplace: How Important is It?

Did you know that depression impacts an individual’s ability to complete physical job tasks 20% of the time?

Psychology in the workplace may be something we often overlook. But, it can play a decent role in the productivity and morale at work.

Poor mental health and stress can negatively impact employees and businesses. It is important that businesses promote awareness of stress management and mental health. 

Read on to learn more about psychology in the workplace. 

How Psychological Disorders Affect Work 

Poor mental health and stress at work can affect the following:

  • communication with coworkers
  • job performance and productivity
  • physical capability
  • daily functioning
  • engagement with work.

This can lead other issues like diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and hypertension. 

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common disorders that can affect people at work.

Psychological disorders can happen when people are under stress. Stress is unfortunately a part of some people’s work life. Outside factors can also cause stress and be brought into the workplace. 

Psychological disorders are just as real as physical illness. People will have periods where they feel well and are very productive. And, they will have periods where they don’t feel well and experience low functioning. 

Individuals who experience psychological disorders may be less confident and doubt their abilities. They may be unable to concentrate, which can lead to occupational hazards. They may also worry about getting fired, which can impact their work and productivity. 

Work-related stress is a major cause of human error and poor occupational health and safety. When employees are going through psychological disorders, the business will experience more absences. Profits and productivity also take a hit.

A business can also have higher turnover due to mental health issues their employees face.

Psychology and productivity are directly linked. Anxiety and depression cost the global economy around one trillion dollars each year due to lost productivity, according to the World Health Organization.

What Can Be Done to Help 

Employees can reach their full potential with the right support. A mentally healthy workforce is always stronger. 

It’s crucial to understand the importance of psychological safety. Psychological safety is about respecting others and working together toward a common goal.

Businesses and employees can be aware and recognize symptoms of stress and burnout. It is important to get rid of the stigma surrounding mental health. Employees will be more comfortable talking to someone about what they’re going through.

Mental health disorders are an invisible illness. But, the Americans with Disabilities Act helps cover them and provide accommodations. 

Bottom Line: Psychology in the Workplace Matters

Psychological disorders have serious repercussions for both employees and employers. It is important not to overlook the impact mental health can have on workers and to look out for warning signs. 

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