Say Yes on a Budget! 9 Practical Ideas for a Cheap But Classy Wedding

You recently said ‘Yes’ to your significant other, now you’re waiting to say ‘I do’. Congratulations! That was probably the easier part but don’t let it weigh you down.

Going through wedding requirements and costs may seem too much to handle especially if you are on a budget but you don’t have to spend a fortune on your wedding. Weddings on a budget can be just as fun. If you’re tight on cash or aren’t keen on splurging, here are practical cheap wedding ideas you can use.

1. Manageable Guest Lists

You may want to share your big day with all your former classmates and colleagues. As much as that’s a great idea, it’s not exactly feasible. With every additional guest, the budget scales up. Consider having a minimum number of guests for your wedding.

Keep the list limited to very close friends and family. An invitation-only wedding will ensure you have all the people who matter in your life and save you loads of cash. Make it an intimate affair which requires less work, less money and doesn’t compromise your sanity.

Include a limit of the plus-ones in your invitations. Extend the plus-one invites to only married couple, those in long term relationships, or engaged couples planning on a wedding. If they are close to your inner circles, you will know who deserves the plus one invite.

2. Have the Whole Wedding at One Venue

Wedding venues don’t come cheap. Choose a venue that can accommodate the vows and still double up as a great reception. You can have separate setups for the vows and a different section for the reception and after party.

You will save yourself and your guests the hassle of moving to a different venue.

A natural setting is a brilliant idea for a wedding on a budget. It requires less décor since it already looks beautiful. A beach wedding, for instance, is cozy and doesn’t require exorbitant venue fees. You can use look up great DIY ideas for wedding décor to save and have a great wedding at the same time.

Think outside the box. Having a unique venue like a boat, city park, the library, or museum will get you a modest wedding and save your wallet.

3. Time Your Wedding Right

Have your wedding during the low season which runs from March to November. You will find better offers on the venue, food and décor so try and have your big day during this timeframe.

Who said all weddings must be on a weekend? Choose Friday and see how well that works out. Holiday seasons are great but they cost an arm and a leg. Whatever day you choose, those close to you will find time to attend.

4. Think “In Season” for Flowers and Food

Consider foods and ingredients that are in season when planning for your wedding. Catering and floral expenses make up the bulk of the wedding budget so scale them down to what’s available for the season.

Be honest with your caterer. Let them know you are on a budget. Choose menus that accommodate the season and consider in-season fruits for deserts.

Get local Flowers ones so you save on shipping cost. A little creativity will go a long way to spice up your cheap wedding so mix and match to get that dream wedding centerpiece but try and keep it simple and elegant. Avoid buying too many flowers that you will throw away after the event.

5. Have a Wedding Planner to Provide Cheap Wedding Ideas

A wedding planner may look like an extra expense to your wedding checklist. They have many cheap wedding ideas having organized several. Trust me, it will save you a fortune. A professional wedding planner has experience of the best-priced vendors and venues.

They will ensure your day goes on smoothly and remains within your budget.

6. Ask for Help from Friends and Family

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’ll be amazed at how much can be taken off your plate by your friends and family.

Crafty people who are good with their hands can help you assemble things such as balloons and lighting. Confident and well-spoken friends who could be your MCs.

Professional wedding photographers can be quite costly so ask a friend who’s good with a camera to take pictures. This site has great photography ideas you can borrow from. Pool friends and family together, they will be honored to make your special day a success.

7. Rent Instead of Purchasing

Rent your dream gown and return it after the ceremony. You only use it for that one day after all. As the groom, a designer suit from a shop that you can rent out and return later.

When choosing vendors start with the most basic packages then add extras later. Have a checklist for vitals include extras only if budget allows. Cut down on liquor by sticking to beers and wine as they tend to be cheaper.

8. Get All-Inclusive Packages

Venues that offer all-inclusive packages are cheaper as they provide more amenities and services together with event spaces such as seats, tables and tents. You are bound to benefit from on-site coordination, catering, alcohol, staff, cake, and even guest accommodations.

Instead of a music band, hire a DJ who will cover the wedding, cocktails, and reception.

9. Save on Wedding Invitations

Regular-printed wedding invitations convey the message just well enough. Get the stationery and print your own invitations from home.

Try and take advantage of social media. Send out a video invite privately to your friends and family is a great idea for saving on invite delivery costs.

Simplicity is Key

A wedding is a special day in life, but you do not have to blow your money preparing for a lavish wedding. The cheap wedding ideas listed above will help you plan something amazing without breaking your bank.

Keep reading our blog for more helpful tips on how you can save your money.

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