Show Off Your Personality: How to Decorate a Car

Your car’s not just the thing takes you from point A to B.

It’s where you spend a lot of your time. It’s in your life for years. So why not have some fun with it?

From a flashy exterior to a cozy interior design, there’s so much you can do to personalize your ride.

Read on to learn how to decorate a car. Take these ideas and make them your own.

Getting a New Paint Job

The paint job is one of the biggest ways you can customize your car’s look. Maybe you just picked up a pre-owned car, or maybe you’ve gotten tired of your car’s look. Either way, a new paint job can give it a fresh look that matches your personality.

A car’s paint job says a lot about the driver. You might go with a classic look or an eye-catching design like stripes or flames. Or meet in the middle and get a subtle two-tone design to really personalize your car without making a loud a statement.

Custom License Plates

Here’s a fun idea that’s pretty quick and easy to accomplish. You might want a plate that makes a statement about your passion or interests. Or you can keep it simple and choose your name, initials, or wedding date.

See what’s available online. Check out your options for custom plates like those offered by Car Reg.

How to Decorate a Car with Exterior Accessories

The first thing you think of is probably bumper stickers. Who knows how many people will glance at your bumper in traffic over time? Bumper stickers can make a statement or just add some flare.

Similarly, you can place stickers on the rear and side windows. Other accessories hang from the trailer hitch or attach to the windows.

You can also get creative with DIY designs. You might draw a design on your jeep’s spare tire cover in the back.

Customizing the Interior

There’s a lot you can do to the interior that won’t cost a fortune but still makes a big difference.

Seat covers can be both functional and fashionable. You have a lot of different options for covers, you can even have them personalized. Just make sure you choose a cover you’re comfortable in too. 

You might also match your seats with a sleek steering wheel cover. You can even get seat and steering wheel covers that are heated.

Decorating the Dash and More

You’ve seen the cliche bobblehead toy resting on the dashboard, but you’re not limited when it comes to dashboard accessories. With an adhesive strip, you can attach a cute figurine or family photo to the dash area.

Whatever you do add though, if it’s not subtle, it’s probably tacky. Save the big flashy accessories to decorate your desk in the office.

With suction cups, you could also attach fun accessories to the side windows in the back to entertain the kids.

Personalizing Your Car and Making More Changes

Now take these ideas on how to decorate a car and make them your own. Let your personality come through in the choices you make. Which is more you: racing stripes or “baby on board” in the rear window? 

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