Single vs Double Hung Windows: Which Is Better?

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A new single or double-hung can organize or breathe life into your new home or office building. There are many advantages of using either single or double-hung windows in your home.

You may need a little help choosing between which windows you need to install. This guide will give you all the ins and outs of single vs. double hung windows.

Single Hung Vs Double Hung

Single Hung and Double Hung Windows are the most common types of windows installed in homes across America. Manufacturers label both of these windows as hung. The word “hung” represents the number of operable sashes.

Both types of windows contain two different sashes. This is a lower sash and an upper sash. The actual word hung itself presents how many sashes are operating.

A single-hung window can operate one sash, while a double-hung window contains two sashes. 

Single-Hung windows are more common in middle-class homes. There are many benefits to operating a double-hung window. Windows containing two operable window sashes can make a lot of things easier.

Sash Maintenance

Cleaning both window sashes can be easier with a double hung window. You can pull the window sashes inside the home and clean both surfaces.

While you stay inside the house, you can make contact with the outdoor surface area of the window sash. This allows you to clean the window sashes while staying inside the house.

It’s also easier to ventilate the house when using double hung windows. Both of the sashes can activate and allow more fresh/cooling air to enter the household.

The cooler air can enter the apartment via the bottom sash. Then is can release into the home and exit through the top of the window sash. 

Also, if you have a child, you can keep him or her safe by keeping the bottom sash locked. If you need to ventilate the home but worry for the safety of a child then you can open the top sash for secure ventilation.

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows have durability treatments and cost less than your average double hung window. These units are the standard window style for most office buildings, apartment units, and households.

One major selling point of single hung windows is the selling point. This is a great cost-effective item for people wishing to buy multiple windows at once. Single hung windows will have a significant cut on the price. 

Historic homes in districts abiding by R.A.P. laws contain single-hung windows. This is to preserve the historical accuracy of the period. But, it also matches the aesthetic of the home.

There are certain buildings companies use for showcasing these historical homes. These homes are best fit for single hung windows. The roof color is also an important factor when selecting a window.

Most default commercial single hung windows are more difficult to clean. Certain services like Infinity and Marvin signature use a wash feature.

But, most of these windows only work for the lower sash. So you’ll have to clean the upper window separately.

Window Installation Service

Your climate makes a difference in this process. When it comes to energy, single hung windows will have more efficient energy numbers than DH windows.

Certain casement sizes will give way to more air infiltration. These rates vary depending on the size. Double hung windows will allow more efficient cooling due to their design.

The full-screen windows with an upper sash opening will allow efficient airflow. Furniture near the window will not block the airflow. The window will allow you to maintain ventilation above while using allowing coverage for the bottom sash.

These upper sash openings allow for more privacy as well. This is a benefit if you live in a compact space such as New York City. Also, single hung windows in these cities may be a better option for cats and other pets.

A double hung window will provide more privacy for the lower half. One tip is to avoid casements that lead to patios or decks. Pets may have issues with casement screens.

If the exterior casings are broken down, this may warrant a new construction window. Replacement windows may be a temporary fix but they will need new construction in the long run. 

Window Repair Service and Installation

Single-story houses are not worth the extra effort when dealing with double hung windows. Since many of these windows require special effort to clean.

A single-story house has better options for cleaning the exterior window sashes. A multiple-story home may require double-hung windows to clean areas that are difficult to reach.

These are not to be confused with casement windows. These styles are completely different. The style of window is entirely up to you but casement windows contain interior screens. These can be a hassle, especially for pet owners.

There can be a 30% cost difference overall between a double and single hung style. The windows that are known to last longer contain a small amount of lead paint. This lead can gather course amounts of dust over time.

If the dust reaches the window it can spread through the house. People may attempt to open the window and breathe in this lead dust. This can be dangerous to any guest.

There are some issues to note when converting a single-hung to a double hung window. When replacing, the meeting rail can gather dirty materials. Once this happens, it will become difficult to clean.

After six or so years, you’ll wish you could unhook the upper sash to clean that apparent surface. Take note of these areas that are difficult to unbound.

Some upper sashes will allow room for foam insulation. Once you replace this sash, you can tack on a window weight that will allow you to operate the lower sash.

Window Installation Company

When it comes to energy efficiency cost, most professionals and homeowners rank windows as 4th or 5th in the savings ranking.

So, if you consolidate this cost you can receive a higher return. Paying $550 to $650 per window will give you the best range in pricing.

There is a big difference in coating windows in the Low-E brand. Low-E glass brand cuts the amount of heat radiating into the home.

During hot climates, double hung windows with Low-E glass will provide protection. There are also certain cities and states that require these companies to meet energy standards.

Texas requires its residents to meet an energy star compliance rating. This means they require Low-E on windows. This means they provide two to three times the durability.

The state of Texas must meet a certain set of energy standards when constructing property. To find out more about how these windows meet these standards here.

Double Hung Windows

These double hung windows will give you a cost-efficient way to handle the replacement of windows as well. There are many advantages of having both inside the terminal.

You can either have a more economical choice or a more installation-efficient choice. Either way, a combination of both windows can also help provide ventilation in the home.

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