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Spend Your Summers Abroad: The Top European Real Estate Investments

Did you know that the European property market continues to rise by up 4.5 percent year after year?

Even though many Europeans countries continue to recover from the economic crisis of the past decade, real estate investors continue to flock to this market.

This is because European real estate remains a smart investment for anyone looking to make a profit. While interest rates remain low, the revenue generated through rental property or the cash yield from selling the property makes sense.

Where is the best place to invest in property in Europe? Keep reading for our guide to the top places for Europe real estate.

1. Venice

The beauty and history of the Italian city of Venice continue to attract investors from around the world.

There are affordable apartments in central Venice as well as larger luxury properties, such as Johnny Depp’s Venice Grand Canal 4-story mansion.

You can discover more about the best real estate in Venice and many other European cities by checking out this company.

2. Cote d’Azur

The Cote d’Azur is popular among the rich and famous. It’s no secret that real estate in France is growing steadily.

However, you can purchase an apartment for less in Nice, the largest city in the region. It’s not much of a challenge along the French Riviera to discover a property that reaches an eight-figure sum.

3. Ibiza

The Spanish Island of Ibiza has experienced a drop in the number of young people spending the summer partying on the beach. The 24-hour party people have simply become older as tourism on the island remains strong.

You can always be confident that you’ll be able to rent out your property during the high season.

4. Vienna

The Austrian capital of Vienna has been named the world’s most liveable city for nine years in a row.

Austria has one of the strongest and most stable economies on the continent. You can also be guaranteed strongly enforced laws to protect the rights of property owners.

Vienna has been called a “renter’s paradise.” However, it’s not always so easy for investors looking for an affordable property. In fact, property prices have increased by nearly 40 percent over the past six years.

5. Gibraltar

The island of Gibraltar is a British overseas territory on the south coast of Spain. With a concentrated population, the demand for property is constant.

As the affluent Gibraltan population grows, the Spanish neighbors have started to arrive on the island, which adds to the number of potential renters.

One of the benefits of investing in real estate in Gibraltar is that you don’t have any capital gains tax or inheritance tax.

6. Berlin

The former mayor of the German capital famously called Berlin “poor, but sexy”.

Although Berlin remains one of the most desirable places to live in Europe, it’s no longer as poor as it once was. Over the past decade, a number of international tech companies, such as Google and Microsoft, have moved into the city.

The stronger than ever real estate market in the city has seen a significant increase in investors, with many foreigners searching for houses priced between $300,000 and $700,000.

7. Munich

Another city on our list is Berlin’s rival for the heart of Germany, the Bavarian capital of Munich.

Munich is the most expensive city in Germany. It also has an affluent population of professional workers with several major firms.

The prices of property have grown by nearly 10 percent over the past couple of years alone. This is a great time to put your money into Germany’s economic driver.

8. Lake Geneva

As one of the top international financial centers in the world, Lake Geneva has always attracted foreign investors.

The beauty of the lake and the wealth of Switzerland have made it a prize for investors looking for real estate.

Recently, Swiss property prices have started to fall, which makes it an excellent investment prospect for foreigners. The overall strength of the Swiss economy makes this surely a blip towards a further growth in property prices.

9. London

Although the looming shadow of Brexit hangs over London, the city remains a real estate powerhouse. With the recent drop in property prices in the capital of the UK, this is an outstanding opportunity for investors to swoop in and pick up a bargain.

After all, the high demand for rental property in London is set to rise by up to 15 percent over the next five years. There has never been a better time to invest in real estate in the big smoke.

10. Paris

According to a recent study, Paris is considered the best real estate investment of any other European city.

The prices of property are expected to break records this year. The increase in the prices of the Paris real estate market has grown by up to 6.6 percent.

As the French capital continues to attract investment as the UK exits the European Union, foreign investors are flocking to buy property. The price of property in Paris really depends on the district.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to learn French to invest in the Paris real estate market.

Investing in European Real Estate

The market for European real estate is stronger than ever. Despite the economic and political upheavals in recent years, there are no signs that foreign investors are scared off.

Now you know the top cities in Europe that give you the best prospect of making a profit on your investment. From Paris to Venice, you can be confident that you’re making a smart investment with these places.

If you would like to find out more about how to make money in real estate, you can discover more by checking out our blog.

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