The Benefits of Gambling With Bitcoin

Picture this: You’re heading to your car after work when suddenly a $100 bill hits you square in the face. Attached to your brand-new Benjamin is a note that says, “The money is yours under one condition. You have to spend at least half at a casino of your choice.”. What do you do?

Like most folks who are familiar with Vegas and Hollywood, you know what casinos are like. And between the table games, the crowds, and the traffic, it’s not exactly your favorite place to be on a workday. 

Could gambling with Bitcoin be the compromise that you’re looking for? Have you been overlooking a surprisingly lucrative opportunity without knowing it? Keep reading to learn more about why the words “Maybe you should give Bitcoin casinos a try.” could very well be one of the best gambling tips you hear all year.

1. Bitcoin is Anonymous

In a world where financial regulations, compliance concerns, and bureaucrats are a thing, there’s a concept called “Know Your Customer“. Essentially, what this means is that many of the companies you do business with are legally required to connect your account to you as a person. Online casinos aren’t exempt from this.

Depending on who you’re dealing with, you may be asked to submit copies of your driver’s license, hand over your banking and credit card information, and even do photo and video verifications. And even if you’re prepared to overlook the hassle of doing all this work for a quick game of Solitaire, there’s also the reality that we live in a world where digital security is a game of cat and mouse. If that casino you’re looking at gets hacked or suffers a data breach in the future, you have no control over what might happen to your personal information. 

We talk about Dogecoin and Ethereum now, but Bitcoin is kind of the granddaddy of all cryptocurrencies. And a big part of what made it take off is the fact that it’s decentralized and anonymous. If the same group of identity thieves was to hack into a Bitcoin casino and get everyone’s wallet addresses, they wouldn’t be able to do much to identify you. It just doesn’t get much more secure than that.

2. Your Bitcoin Investment Has a Chance to Grow

The thing about traditional money is that it stays the same no matter what. As such, when you deposit $10 into your bank account, in 20 or 30 years from now, that money will still add up to $10. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing from a geopolitical standpoint. But it’s not great when you’re trying to grow your savings and set a bit of money aside for retirement.

According to CNBC, if you bought $100 of Bitcoin in 2009, that amount would have been worth $4.8 million in February 2021. But while it may be too late to buy Bitcoin ahead of the crypto craze, what happens if the coin’s value doubles or triples in 10 or 20 years?

With a Bitcoin casino, you get to make deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin. Or put another way, you can let the money sit in your wallet for a few years and let it continue growing in value. The money you get from your winnings could very well make you a millionaire when you retire.

3. Bitcoin is Convenient

On paper, there’s a lot to like about gambling with an online casino. You can participate in real-stakes games from the comfort of home and depositing funds is as easy as tapping a few buttons on your phone. 

But there’s a flaw with many online casinos that can take gameplay from “Oh this is fun.” to “I can’t believe I missed out on that tournament!” really quickly: money often moves slowly with online sites. And when you’ve signed up with a crypto casino, Ethereum is an example of a coin that’s known for its enormous fees.

With Bitcoin, you get both the stability of traditional currency and the convenience of being able to make transfers within minutes. In these casinos, you don’t have to put up with endless waiting times. You can initiate the transaction and start playing within hours.

4. Bitcoin Casinos Have a Wider Variety of Games

Sometimes with casinos, it feels like you only have to see one to see them all. The poker table is always somewhere behind the slot machines. The high rollers typically have their own section somewhere in the back. And if you’re not one for card games or games of pure chance, your problem might not be spending money at the casino – it’s finding a casino game that you’re willing to play.

With Bitcoin casinos, you often have more games to choose from. Don’t feel like playing Texas Hold ‘Em? No problem! Try a memory game or a virtual slot machine instead. Your options are endless and you can often preview a list of games before signing up. ​

Should You Be Gambling With Bitcoin?

Nowadays, it seems like everyone and their mother has been hit with the crypto bug. If you spent any amount of time browsing news sites or hanging out on social media, you won’t be able to miss the people asking questions like, “Should I put my retirement savings into crypto?” and “How do I buy and sell Bitcoin?”.

In light of all the discussion that goes into Bitcoin as an investment, many people don’t realize that they can gamble with Bitcoin as well. If you want to try your luck at games of chance and skill, gambling with Bitcoin allows you to do so quickly, privately, and safely.

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