The Benefits of Graduating From High School With Honors

Graduating from high school is one of the first big steps that you take towards setting up your adult life. In the United States, about 63.65% of high school graduates go directly to college once they graduate high school. 

Some people may not feel like being a high school graduate is enough to succeed in life. While it is a good starting point, that is relatively true, so you need other things to stand out. 

One way that you can do that is by graduating with honors from high school. 

How does that help you? These are some of the biggest benefits. 

More College Options 

During your junior and senior years, most students take a serious look at their applications and try to figure out what colleges they can really get themselves into.

Honors show that you have worked hard as a student and also that you have had consistently good grades for several years. It can be the difference between getting into one of the best schools in the state versus having to settle for a public university with a higher acceptance rate but does not challenge you. 

Having more options is always a good thing because one of those universities may have the major that you are looking for that is not offered exactly the same way anywhere else. Some universities are very competitive and do not offer guarantees to get in, so you need anything that will help you stand out. 

Let’s say that you are from New Jersey and you are trying to go to a local college. Well, graduating with honors can increase your chances with a university like Rutgers who is known to be one of the best academic schools in the state versus another public university in the state like say Montclair State or William Paterson. 

College Credits and College Courses

If you take advanced enough classes in high school, you sometimes have the option to start taking classes that count towards college credits. This can give you a tremendous advantage not only on a college application but also at the speed at which you get your degree. 

If you take college-level courses with honors, you are preparing yourself ahead of time with the work you might face at the next level and are showing prospective schools that you can handle the academic difficulty it might bring. 

Most importantly, it increases the chances of getting your Bachelor’s Degree and maybe even a Master’s Degree faster. That can put you ahead of the game for quicker opportunities to make money. It also helps on a resume when managers at jobs see that you were smart enough to finish your degree’s curriculum early. 

Networking and Job Opportunities

Let’s face it, the goal of going to a good high school and a good college is for people to land a good job, so why not give yourself a competitive edge compared to others in your graduating class by having honors? 

Graduating with honors can give you connections to honor societies and similar networks that have people in high-level positions in job fields that you may be seeking. There is a saying that who you know can be a big advantage, so having access to a network of motivated individuals can certainly help you in that regard. 

Even without the networking, your high school honors open up better college opportunities. In return, that opens up better job opportunities with your resume for when you get out of college. 


It is no secret that college can be very expensive with tuition and some students end up taking a large portion of their life to pay off that student loan debt. What if there was a way to eliminate that obstacle for you? 

If you rank high enough in honors, you could make yourself eligible for college scholarships that can help cover your tuition. There are also scholarships from foundations like the honors society foundation that are dedicated to providing high school students with honors better opportunities in college through scholarships. 

A significant number of young adults who graduate college struggle with this debt. Getting scholarships can significantly increase your financial stability for many years to come. 

Life Success

Finally, graduating high school with honors greatly increases your chances to succeed in overall life. It starts with taking advantage of your diploma and being able to go to college.  

Just having a diploma can help you earn over $9,000 more annually. Plus, it makes you less likely to be involved with criminal behavior and more likely to be employed and help create new jobs. 

But, it does not end there. Having honors in high school can have a kid gain confidence that they are going to succeed on the college level. Getting that degree creates further separation and the likelihood of success in the future. 

Throughout a lifetime, you can earn at least $630,000 more as a college graduate than a high school graduate. Once you finish a level such as a Master’s Degree, that number practically doubles. 

Graduating high school with honors is the first step towards that because it puts the doors wide open for you to succeed in college. 

See More Benefits of Graduating From High School 

These are some of the top benefits of graduating from high school with honors. If you take this advice for you or a loved one, they are sure to be on the right path to succeed in life. 

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