The Best Time to Visit Alexandria, Virginia

Did you know that Alexandria, VA is older than the United States? The hometown of iconic American figures such as Robert E Lee, George Washington, and Mama Cass, when you visit Alexandria you have the opportunity to explore a historic and fascinating American city.

If you’re going on a Virginia vacation, you might be wondering what time of year is best to visit. After all, the summers aren’t nearly as hot as some of the southern states, and the winters are milder than further north up the east coast.

When to visit Alexandria has a lot to do with what you’re looking for out of your trip.

Let’s take a look at the best times of year to visit Alexandria as well as some of the best places in Alexandria to check out while you’re in town.

When Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Alexandria For the Weather?

Based on the average humidity and temperature of Alexandria, Virginia throughout the year, the ideal time to visit would be between mid-April and mid-June.

During much of the year, the humidity and temperature combine to create a pleasant feeling in the air. However, it can also feel pretty muggy in the summer months and relatively cold in the winter.

If you’re looking to experience the summer heat, you’ll want to go in July, August, or the end of June. In mid-July, the highs are regularly around 92°F. During this time of year, you typically don’t see the temperatures drop low 72°F at night.

When Is Alexandria Least Crowded?

If you are planning a Virginia vacation, it can be helpful to learn which months are the busiest for tourism in Alexandria.

The busiest month in Alexandria is July. The next two busiest months are June and August. During these months, both flights and hotels will be most expensive. That being said, you can save money if you purchase your tickets and hotel rooms well in advance.

We least likely month for tourists to visit Alexandria is October. If you are looking for the city to be quieter and amenities to be cheaper, you might choose to visit during this time.

What Is It Like in Alexandria in the Different Seasons?

Alexandria is considered a humid subtropical climate. You can expect the summers to be hot and humid in the winters to be cool and mild.

Spring (March Through May)

The second busiest season for tourism in Alexandria is the spring. While this does mean that there will be more crowds, it also means that there will be more activities and events going on than in the fall and winter.

This season generally feels moderate, with the daily high temperature ranging between 51°F and 86°F. In the later part of the spring, it is quite warm in Alexandria. At this point, the humidity is more manageable than in the summer.

Summer (June Through August)

In general, summers in Alexandria are quite comfortable and very warm.

Most tourists visit Alexandria between the months of June and August. During this time, you can find a lot of activity in Alexandria but you might also find that lodging and other accommodations are more expensive than at other times of the year.

Fall (September Through November)

The daily temperature highs for Alexandria in the fall range between 55°F and 88°F. The weather is typically comfortable during this time and that usually rains or snows between five and six days each month. This is the slowest time of year for tourism, so traveling here can be more affordable.

Winter (December Through February)

If you are looking for a warm-weather getaway during the winter, Alexandria probably isn’t the place you want to go. The average daily highs during the winter are between 43°F and 53°F. Throughout the winter months, it typically rains or snows five daytime each month.

Things to Do in Alexandria

Whether you’re heading to Alexandria for a vacation or a business trip, you’re probably searching for the best things to do while you’re there. Let’s take a look at some of the sites and activities you won’t want to miss.

Check Out the Impressive Architecture

Take a stroll down King Street while you are in Alexandria and you will not be disappointed. There you can see cobblestone alleys, brick-lined streets, and centuries-old architecture. During the holidays, you can walk under a canopy of twinkling lights.

Along the way, you can take a ride on the free trolley or explore some of the dozens of independently owned boutiques and restaurants on King Street.

Take a Cruise

Alexandria is a historic port city, which you can take advantage of by enjoying a water taxi or a sightseeing cruise. Along the way, you can see national landmarks, take a water taxi into DC, or even head over to Mount Vernon via the water.

Go on a Historical Walking Tour

Alexandria was founded in 1749, and many historic buildings are still preserved today. There are a number of outdoor walking towards that you can choose from, allowing you to peek into historic Virginia with new eyes.

Head Over to Mt. Vernon

Just a few miles outside of the city limits, you can’t go to Alexandria without checking out Mt. Vernon. Located on the banks of the Potomac River, you can head back in time while walking the expansive grounds and exploring the mansion of our nation’s first president.

When Are You Planning Your Alexandria Vacation?

Alexandria is a wonderful mix of historic architecture, southern charm, and modern entertainment and establishments. It’s a lovely place to visit whether you’re planning a day trip or a vacation for a few days. It’s a particularly good place to visit for individuals who are interested in the history of the United States.

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