The Best Ways to Protect Your Laptop and Phone While Camping

According to recent statistics, 57 million households enjoyed at least one camping trip in 2021. Outdoor enthusiasts claim that camping is the ideal way to de-stress and enhance their emotional well-being.

Are you curious to try camping, but reluctant to disconnect completely from your tech for too long? Having a way to communicate with the outside world is vital if you end up in trouble, or get lost. 

The trouble is, camping with electronics is fraught with hazards. Keep reading to find out how you can protect your laptop and phone in the great outdoors. 

Sealed Plastic Bags

Sealing your phone in plastic is a tried and trusted way to keep it safe from splashes and rain during your travels.

A zip-seal plastic bag is an easy and cheap solution for most campers, and you can use your touchscreen without removing the bag.

They’re not ideal if you want to snap a few quick photos, though. Taking photos through plastic inevitably results in a blurry outcome.

Soft Phone Cases 

Soft cases offer durable protection for your phone or laptop if it becomes submerged. The clear versions allow you to use your touchscreen and camera just as you normally would.

More advanced models have built-in flotation measures, headphone jacks, and tie-down points, too. CaliCase, Joto, and Yosh are some of the best-selling types of soft cases. 

Laptop and Phone Hard Cases

Hard cases offer protection against dust, water, and impacts. They’re usually designed to fit specific devices, including phones, iPods, tablets, smartwatches, and laptops.

They’re an excellent option for storing and transporting your electronics both en route, in camp, and out in the field. Plus, you can use your devices as normal knowing they’re well protected. 

These cases have sturdy shockproof outer construction and touch-sensitive screen protectors to keep every part of your device safe from the elements and accidents.  

Some of the best brands to consider include Fort Knox, SUPCASE, and LifeProof. 

Extra Tips to Safeguard Electronics While Camping

Protective cases are an excellent safety net while out camping, but there are some extra things you can do to ensure your gear makes it out on the other side unharmed.

These include:

  • Dry out your camping equipment after rain to reduce humidity
  • Keep your electronics out of direct sunlight
  • Shut down your devices when temperatures soar
  • Protect your electronics from sudden temperature changes
  • Remove dirt with compressed air or Scotch tape

If your phone gets wet, switch it off immediately and immerse it in a desiccant material like silica or uncooked rice. 

Get Out There

Remember, the aim of going camping is to immerse yourself in nature. So, try not to spend too much time engrossed in your laptop and phone during your trip.

Rather, take this time to fully experience nature, and save your battery life for emergencies or documenting your adventure.  

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