The Only Binge Watching Essentials Checklist You’ll Ever Need

What’s better than an evening of watching movies you’ve seen a thousand times before? Binge-watching an old favorite is a great way to wind down, relax, and spend some quality time with friends and family.

But before you hop on the couch, you need to prep properly with snacks, drinks, blankets, and a whole lot of good mood!

Read on to discover our best binge watching essentials checklist for a relaxing evening with your favorite people and shows. 

Decide on Your Binge-Worthy Show

The first and most important decision is to choose the types of shows you want to binge-watch. Do you want an evening of laughing till you cry? We recommend a classic comedy show like Friends.

Are you more into solving crimes and mysteries? Try Hawaii Five-O. As an added bonus, you’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery of the islands.

If you plan to watch with your family or friends, make sure to discuss what you’ll watch beforehand so everyone agrees and is happy with the choice.

Prepare Snacks and Drinks

Snacks and drinks are an absolute essential for a successful evening of binge-watching movies or shows. Aside from popcorn, you can also prepare mini sandwiches, order pizza, make cookies, and use snack-prepping as quality family time.

If you’re having guests over, make sure to ask them about any allergies or diet specifics so you can prepare separate snacks for them. Don’t forget your pets too! Prep some simple homemade snacks for your pups as they’ll likely want to chill on the couch with you.

Check the Internet Connection

You planned a perfectly relaxing day for binge-watching movies but did you double-check your internet connection? Make sure your router and modem work well and that the internet speed can handle an entire evening of watching shows.

You should check your internet at least a day before your binge-watching session in case you need to resolve any network issues.

Get Blankets, Cushions, and Other Cozy Essentials

Now that you’ve made sure everything works properly, it’s time to get cozy! Grab a blanket (or a few), your favorite cushions, beanbags, and PJs. Binge-watching a TV show can last hours, so you want to be comfy on your relaxing day.

Set the Time and Date

Sure, you can binge-watch your favorite shows whenever you want but it’s more exciting if you make a big deal out of it. Invite a few friends or watch with your family but set a specific time and date.

This way, everyone will be more excited and may even bring snacks and cozies to make the evening more special. If you plan a binge-watching movie marathon on a weekend, tell people a few days in advance to make sure they don’t have any other plans.

This Is the Only Binge Watching List You’ll Ever Need!

Binge watching your favorite movies and shows is one of life’s most wonderful little pleasures. There’s nothing better than being comfy and cozy on the couch with a yummy snack and the characters you love and admire.

Want more tips on having a fun night at home? Head over to our blog where we share the latest movie releases and entertainment trends.


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