The Surprising Health Symptoms of Addiction

Addiction doesn’t only impact the life of the addicted. It also affects the lives of those around the person.

Due to the deceptive nature of addiction and the stigma attached, there are very few signs of its effects on the body.

It gives life-threatening health symptoms that the addicted and those around them may not expect. Keep reading to learn more about the symptoms of addiction.

Repetitive Speech Patterns

People struggling with addiction often talk in circles and give jumbled speeches. They tend to repeat certain words, phrases, or ideas repeatedly. This might be due to the individual struggling to express their feelings and the depletion of short-term memory.

Addiction can often cause someone to overshare or tell personal stories that are too in-depth for the current situation. This behavior can be disorienting for both the speaker and the listener. Awareness of addiction health symptoms like repetitive speech patterns is essential.


Irritability is an often overlooked symptom of addiction. Anyone with an addiction can become increasingly irritable. They become irritable when they are confronted about their use.

It is a form of emotional distress associated with addiction. Depending on an individual’s substance use, it can manifest differently at different times.

Therapists may suggest cognitive behavioral therapy or other evidence-based therapies. This is to reframe unhelpful thoughts and behaviors associated with addiction.


Diversion occurs when drug abusers choose to use their drug of choice to downplay, avoid, or escape the stress or problems associated with life and mental health issues. This often leads to isolation, financial hardship, and decreased quality of life. Unfortunately, these symptoms and chronic illness can be seen in many different types of addiction.

The health symptoms of addiction must not be ignored. Treating the addiction itself could be the only way to break out of this cycle and live a healthy life.

Loss of Control

Loss of control is an often overlooked yet highly destructive symptom of addiction. This loss of control is hazardous as it leaves the individual feeling. They have no way of managing the habit on their own.

It can lead to extreme emotional and physical fatigue, cognitive difficulties, and intense cravings. Over time, this lack of control can lead to health problems that could have otherwise been avoided.

It is vital to understand the power of addiction. This is to find the symptoms better and seek proper help before these destructive patterns.

With the proper support and treatment, individuals can learn to understand and manage their addiction to regain control over their lives.

Treatment may improve physical and mental health in the long run. You may check out this additional reading to learn about drug treatments.

Be Aware of the Symptoms of Addiction

Addiction is a severe and complex mental health issue that affects many aspects of life, including physical health. By recognizing the physical symptoms of addiction, we can begin taking steps to break the cycle and seek the help we need. If you’re struggling with addiction, reach out and get help today.

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