The Top 5 Skills Necessary to Be a Great Dental Assistant

Looking for a job that will put a smile on someone’s face?

Look no further! There’s no job that will get people smiling more than a dental assistant. (Except maybe an orthodontist.)

The employment rate for dental assistants is projected to grow 11% from 2020-2030, which is faster than average all occupations! The demand for dental assistants is continuing to increase, so now is a perfect time to get started on your dental journey.

But just like any job, there are a number of skills that you need in order to be successful. Dental assistants hold the dental health of the community in their hands – sometimes literally.

Now, don’t be intimidated or give up. You can still become a dental assistant. You just have to learn these simple skills, and you and your patients will be grinning again in no time!

Here are the top 5 skills necessary to be a great dental assistant.

1. Detail-Oriented

In the dental industry, it is critical that you pay close attention to small details. You want to give your patients the best dental care possible, so you can’t miss a thing.

And this goes double for dental assistants. Dentists are incredibly skilled, but they aren’t perfect. It’s your job as the dental assistant to catch any details that the dentist may have missed.

Plus, being detail-oriented extends beyond just taking care of peoples’ teeth. It’s also important for administrative tasks that dental assistants are responsible for. You need to watch out for details when filing records or taking down a patient’s information.

2. Interpersonal Skills

Dentistry isn’t just about medical knowledge. Having a dental assistant job means that you’ll be constantly interacting with people, so you also need good interpersonal skills. This means having good communication and listening skills as well.

You’ll be dealing with many different types of people on a daily basis, so you need to be personable and cheerful with them all! A friendly and welcoming dental assistant will not only improve your work environment but will also encourage patients to return to your office.

3. Critical Thinking

Good dental assistants are able to think critically on the job. That means anticipating the needs of both the dentist and the patient and being proactive to meet those needs. Every patient’s case is different, so you need to know how to think outside the box.

Critical thinking also includes having good judgment and a strong knowledge of dental medicine. A good dental assistant program can help with that!

4. Dexterity

On the practical side of things, it’s also important for dental assistants to have good dexterity. You’ll likely be handling small and precise tools in tight spaces, so you’ll need good control of your hand and finger muscles. You’ll also need good hand-eye coordination.

This is an essential skill for this particular profession. But don’t worry – dental assistant training can help with this, too.

5. Organizational Skills

You are responsible for a lot of moving parts as a dental assistant, so you need to be able to balance many different things. Becoming a dental assistant means that you’ll have to keep track of patient information, dental instruments, and schedules.

Organizational skills also include good time management and mental organization. You need to stay focused on the task at hand and be attentive to where you are needed. But you also need to be thinking ahead and balancing all your other tasks as well.

Become a Fantastic Dental Assistant With These Tips!

Once you’ve mastered all these skills, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an outstanding dental assistant! With the right training and a lot of discipline, you can bring smiles to peoples’ faces every day at work.

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