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The Top Social Media Tricks For Gaining More Followers And Likes

Social media is a potent tool for getting yourself out there, but it isn’t as simple as wanting it. There are millions across dozens of different platforms, so standing out from the crowd can be hard.

There are all sorts of social media tricks to get you a bit of progress. Combined with some charm, determination, and you can have a real boost to your follower count!

Eager to give it a try? Let’s break down some of the best tricks you can use for your social media gain. 

1. Promote Across Your Owned Spaces

As we said before, social media isn’t one place but dozens of different platforms. That means you can’t stay in one place and expect to succeed.

The key here is the word “owned”, which refers to the spaces that you have absolute control over. This refers to your own websites, blogs, social media pages, and so on. 

With an owned space, you are free to post what you need to post and keep your content up for everyone to see. No getting buried under other posts for you!

2. Craft a Catchy Profile

A profile can be everything. While not everyone reads the entire thing and some don’t even read them at all, creating a catchy and full profile has several benefits.

It shows that you aren’t a bot and you are a real person who cares enough to put a profile together.

It gives you a chance to show off your humor, your style, and allows people to get to know you. This is your chance to catch your userbase and show them what kind of content you provide. 

3. Hashtags Create Connections

Hashtags have spread far over the entire scope of social media. What started as a way to organize twitter is now a trackable brand to connect your related posts together. 

Find popular hashtags and build your content around them for some extra spark in your views. Hitting the trends right can get you a solid stream of new interest. 

4. Instagram Stories Help Fuel the Fire

Instagram stories are another big way to broadcast your content. Since stories get put onto the Explore page, it goes beyond your usual group of followers.

This is another level of content you can manipulate to hit trends and generate new interest in your brand. 

5. Use Genuine Engagement 

All of this only matters if you have a genuine likeability to drive your content along. This means a bit of charm, a few interesting subjects, and the right amount of relevance in relation to top trends. 

Now, this still means you need to find your voice. Copying whatever the other popular content creators do will make you another in the crowd. You are trying to stand out, so focus on what makes you genuine.

A lot of this will come with a lot of trial and error. Don’t wander off into subjects you don’t care for or understand, your lack of interest and understanding will show through. 

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From Social Media Tricks to Real Life Benefits

These social media tricks aren’t magic, they are all pieces of a big puzzle to social media success. Without them, though, you aren’t doing what you need to do to make it big.

From social media graces to life advice and news on all that matters to you, we here at Curiosity Human covers everything that makes curiosities for curious humans. Check out our other articles and learn something new. 

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