The Ultimate Clean House Deep Cleaning Checklist

Daily cleaning can already take so much of your time throughout the week. Now, we’re talking house deep cleanings?

Who actually has the time and energy to do both?

With our house deep cleaning checklist, you will.

You will be able to break up this large cleaning task into more manageable ones so that you can deep clean your home throughout the week. Read on to find out the essential areas to hit in each room. 


Your guests can and will judge the cleanliness of your house based on how clean your kitchen and bathroom are. Here are the deep cleaning tasks for the kitchen area:

  • Clear out and wipe down the fridge and freezer
  • Scrub and deep clean the oven, microwave, and stovetop
  • Wipe down cabinets, counters, and appliances
  • Go through and organize cabinets and drawers

Of course, take care of the floor too. You don’t have to have a perfectly clean house, but the kitchen is an important area to keep clean.


There’s no worse feeling than walking out of someone’s bathroom feeling disgusted and dirty. Make sure your bathroom does not make your guests feel that way.

Here are the deep cleaning tasks to keep your bathroom clean:

  • Deep clean every nook and surface of your toilet
  • Scrub shower walls and tub
  • Clean or wash shower curtains
  • Wipe down mirror and counter surfaces
  • Wash bathroom rugs and mats
  • Clean and organize cabinets, shelves, and drawers

Keeping a clean bathroom not only makes your guests feel comfortable. It is also good self-care.

Living Room

Your living room may not look filthy, but it’s quite dirty. When going for a house deep cleaning, make sure to hit these areas in. your living room:

  • Dust walls, shelves, and decorations
  • Deep clean the couch, sofas, and chairs
  • Wipe down surfaces
  • Vacuum or clean curtain drapings
  • Deep clean the carpet

Carpets collect a lot more than dirt and dust. It also collects dead skin cells, pet hair and urine, bacteria, and mold. Don’t drop food and play the five-second rule with your living room carpet.

Hiring house deep cleaning services is the way to go for large cleaning tasks like this.


Your bedroom is your sacred space where you go to relax at the end of a long day. Whichever way you would like to make, decorate, and clean this space is your choice.

Here are a few common areas to hit to help keep your bedroom nice and fresh:

  • Clear out your closets of old and uninspiring clothes
  • Flip your mattress
  • Clean bed linens
  • Wash pillows
  • Wipe down and dust surfaces

Following this deep cleaning house checklist will help keep this sacred space as comfortable as possible for you.

Create an Entire House Deep Cleaning Checklist

It can be hard to keep up with cleaning when you have a big house. A house deep cleaning checklist will help keep you organized for what you have to do so that you can split it among several days or amongst several helping hands.

A clean house makes for a comfortable one, and your guests will surely appreciate that.

For more organization and deep cleaning tips, check out our home improvement section!


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