Top 3 Unique and Off-the-Beaten-Path Things to Do in Kentucky

things to do in kentucky

You want to find the best things to do in Kentucky — but you also don’t want to spend your time waiting in long lines of tourists or deal with large crowds.

You’re more interested in the off-the-beaten-path fun places to go in the state.

If you’re looking for all of the best Kentucky attractions for any age level or type of tourist, then keep on reading this post.

From awesome Kentucky State Parks to truly strange museums, we’ll tell you the unique places that you can’t afford to miss out on.

1. Visit Big Bone Lick State Park

First of all, we think that this gem in the crown of Kentucky State Parks is worth visiting for the name alone.

However, this awesome Kentucky park has a lot more to offer than the funny name alone.

You can book a space on the campground, or head out on one of the numerous trails. You’ll also be able to spot wild bison!

The main attraction is the famous outdoor museum, which is home to mysterious “Wooly Mammoths” and other creatures from bygone eras.

This detail especially makes it a favorite among families.

2. Break out of an Escape Room

If you want to have an experience in Lexington, Kentucky that you’ll never forget?

We suggest that you try to break out of an escape room.

These rooms are awesome for larger groups and will allow you to test your survival skills, your logic, and even your ability to think on your feet.

You’ll even have the chance to test out tons of different storylines, which means you can try several scenarios over the course of your stay.

Plus, they’re just tons of fun.

To learn more about Lexington Kentucky Escape Rooms, check out the Breakout website.

3. Head to the Vent Haven Museum of Ventriloquism

If you want to check out one of the most bizarre places to visit in Kentucky, then you simply have to check out the Ventriloquism Museum.

It’s home to countless ventriloquist dummies, and pretty much everything in it makes for a truly incredible photo opportunity. You’ll see dolls from all eras of history, and much of the collection is from W.S Berger, who spent his life collecting the dolls.

You’ll also see scripts, posters, photos, and much more.

While we won’t say that things don’t sometimes feel a little creepy, we’re also pretty sure that it’s all a part of the appeal.

Just make sure that you schedule your tour in advance, as an appointment is required.

Want More News and Advice on Things to do in Kentucky?

We hope that this post has you looking forward to enjoying some of the most unique things to do in Kentucky.

Whether you already live in the south and want to take a day trip, or if you’re new to the southern parts of the country, we want to make sure you get the most out it.

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