Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Yacht Charters

Choosing yacht charters can be challenging. Your decision will make or break the experience. So how can you make sure you get it right?                               

Yacht charters are a fantastic idea for parties, special occasions, and vacations. The market size is valued at 6.5 billion. And experts predict it will continue to grow due to popular demand.

There are several factors to consider when choosing yacht charters. Read on for five to help you have the best experience possible. 

1. Options for Charters

Do you have yacht sailing experience? It will determine what type of charter service you can get. 

There are two main types: bareboat charter and skippered charter. If you have yacht sailing experience, a bareboat could be an option. Then you have complete control within the limits of the charter contract. 

Skippered charter has a skipper who knows routes and has yacht sailing experience. Some yachts also come with whole teams and itineraries! 

2. Types of Yacht 

What is the purpose of your yacht charter? For hosting yacht parties, such as a private yacht charter for a hen party, you want a bigger boat! Regulations determine boat capacities. 

Also, consider cabin sizes and facilities. You want to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience! Some yacht companies just have standardized yachts, whereas others offer different options. 

Always ask what safety equipment is also on board. Types of yachts include mega yachts, sailboats, and catamarans. 

3. Destinations 

Options for charters will depend on the location you choose. Always check the weather conditions for the time of year you plan to go! There is usually a time which offers the best conditions, but this usually is peak season, so book in advance!

The type of yacht will determine if you need a location with land accommodation or not. 

You might have to change the type of yacht you want if you are set on a specific destination. The yacht needs to work well for the location. A reputable company will suggest alternatives if required. 

4. Comparing Charter Fees

There is no use picking a yacht you cannot afford. But do not give up hope!

Different companies, such as small local companies, may have affordable options. Always spend time comparing charter fees before you set your heart on something. And do not make promises when hosting yacht parties before you know costs!

5. Yacht Sailing Experience and Reputation

Sometimes yacht offers are too good to be true. Even if they look good on paper, you need to dig deeper.

Always research online customer reviews. Also, ask about the team’s yacht sailing experience. Your goal is to have fun and keep safe, so a quality boat with an experienced skipper and crew is essential. 

Successfully Choosing Yacht Charters

Hosting yacht parties and yacht vacations continue to grow in popularity. You have the privacy and freedom to customize your experience. 

The good news is there are many options out there for different needs, wants and budgets. The bad news is not all yacht charters are equal. When choosing yacht charters, consider these factors to pick the best!

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