Types of Dump Trailers: What You Need to Know

Every year, businesses spend a significant chunk of their budget on transportation. However, the good news is you’ve found an article that will help you efficiently reduce that budget. It’s about time you started using trailers for your supplies and e-waste.

Keep reading for a guide on understanding the types of dump trailers that are available so that you can make an informed decision.

Midsize Dump Trailers

Midsize dump trailers are a great investment for midweight cargo. They are a great all-purpose trailer, able to haul a variety of goods without having the expense of larger trailers.

They are typically equipped with a pull-out or fold-down rear ramp to simplify loading and unloading. As well as a tarp to protect cargo from the elements.

They also feature a large bed capacity and are available in various weights to accommodate a range of towing options. With midsize trailers, you also get the security of having solid side walls. Making sure your load remains secure no matter what.

Maintenance and upkeep over the life of the trailer are recommended for safety and longevity. But these trailers are built to be durable and can withstand the punishment of everyday use. No matter how small or large the load, midsize trailers serve an important role in midweight transportation needs.

End-Dump Trailers

End-Dump Trailers are the most common type of dump trailer on the market. These are great for hauling medium to large loads of gravel, dirt, rock, and other materials.

Their hinged platform dumps the load in one direction, making them effective for unloading vehicles or for creating leveling sites. The strength and size of the trailer depend on its purposes, with heavier-duty trailers ideal for hauling large and heavy loads for long distances.

They are driven in a “terrain friendly” manner, ensuring that your goods are protected from the rough terrain. End-Dump trailers can be ‘loaded low’ to make the center of gravity lower and can be loaded with a front-end or skid-steer loader.

Whether you’re ready to purchase an End-Dump trailer to suit your needs or are just looking for more information. It’s important to know the types available and make sure you’re selecting the right trailer for the job. Be sure to read reviews, and talk to the manufacturer and the dealer to make the most informed decision.

Bottom-Dump Trailers

Bottom-Dump trailers are ideal when transporting materials that require dumping from the bottom, instead of directly from the back of the trailer.

They are commonly used for hauling sand, gravel, minerals, and other materials that need to be unloaded onsite. This type of trailer features an open-top V configuration and is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum or steel.

These loaded materials are dropped from the trailer’s bottom onto the ground or into a container beneath the trailer. Bottom dumpers are also designed with a high center of gravity. Which makes them more stable when navigating curves and uneven terrain.

Bottom-Dump trailers are more versatile than other dump trailer styles, as they are well-suited for many different types of loads. Additionally, they generally require less maintenance than other styles. Making them a great choice for many types of businesses.

When it comes to bottom-dumping trailers, you should also consider Pro-line Trailers. They are reliable, high-quality, and perfect for any task at hand.

Flatbed-Dump Trailers

Flatbed-Dump trailers are a type of trailer that features a large, flat open-top bed surrounded by solid sides and a tailgate. The open top of the trailer makes it ideal for loading and unloading large items and materials.

While the tailgate allows for easy access when depositing and removing items or materials. Flatbed-Dump trailers are most commonly used for hauling:

  • dirt
  • gravel
  • sand

When hauling these types of trailer material, the flatbed dump trailer is designed to be able to safely secure the items before transport. There are also models available that offer adjustable side braces and extra-tough sidewalls for transporting heavier materials or longer items.

Properly securing items before transport is important with flatbed-Dump trailers. As items can become jostled as the trailer rolls over rough patches during transport. Additionally, proper maintenance of the trailer is essential to ensure the safe transport of items and materials.

Side-Dump Trailers

Side-Dump Trailers are a popular type of trailer that is used for a wide variety of jobs. Side-Dump Trailers are designed to allow for quick and easy unloading of materials.

These trailers utilize hydraulic cylinders on a hitch that lifts and dumps the contents to the side. Allowing for easy and efficient on or off-loading of material. They are often used in the construction and landscaping industries, as well as by municipalities, contractors, and farmers.

It is important to take into account GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) when selecting a side dump trailer. This will depend on what the trailer will be used for, how much weight it needs to tow, and the ratings of the hired drivers.

Additionally, side-dump trailers come in various sizes, so it’s important to select the appropriate size for the job that needs to be done. To ensure your trailer will serve its purpose, you should also be sure to check the Subframe construction for strength and durability of your trailer.

An Overview of Different Types of Dump Trailers

Dump trailers are a great way of transporting materials with ease. They come in many sizes and styles, each offering its features. Be sure to do your research when looking for the right trailer for your project. Need help deciding what type is best for you? Call us today for advice and guidance! 

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