What Are the Best Casino Games for a Beginner?

Croupier behind gambling table in a casino.

Casinos hit $41.7 billion in revenue last year. While gambling online has become more popular, new players still flock to casino floors. Everyone is drawn in by the hypnotizing displays of lights and sounds.

Getting in on the action may seem intimidating, at first, but you can win plenty of money as a beginner. If you stick to games that are simple and fun for you, then you’ll have a great time at the casino. Everyone has their favorites, but here are the best casino games we love to play (and win)!


This iconic card game is simple to pick up and it doesn’t have a house edge greater than 5%. Stick to the basic strategy and don’t worry about what other players are doing.. While it may seem like what the other player’s actions are causing you to lose, it’s not the case.

The dealer has randomly shuffled cards, sometimes up to 3-4 decks in a shoe. The outcome is always going to be unknown, even if you count cards. Play on a table that pays out 3 to 2 on a Blackjack and avoid those that payout 6 to 5.

The 6 to 5 payout may sound like it’s better, but trust us, it’s not. The only person that gets the better payout is the house because you make less money on a winning hand. Avoid the gimmicky side bets because the odds heavily favor the house and it’s a great way to make you lose your money faster.

Video Poker and Slots

If you’re not very good at card games and want to play poker, video poker is a fun alternative. It’s quick and easy to play, plus it costs less to buy into a hand. The tradeoff is that the house edge is the same as most slot machines.

You do have some control over your potential edge, like in real poker. You can leverage your strong hands to get higher payouts. The action may not appeal to those who prefer the sights and sounds of slots, of course.

Slot machines are the most beginner-friendly games on the floor. Always start with the penny slots and work your way up to nickel, dime, and quarter machines. Try to avoid the progressive slot machines with the large jackpots. They payout less overall, unless you are struck by lightning and win the jackpot, of course.


When you play, the best idea is to stick to five core numbers that you like. If you spread your chips all over the place you will just lose more. Play the numbers straight up, which means place them in the middle of the square.

If you get lucky, it pays out 35 to 1. This is really good for beginners who want to taste some winnings in a short period of time. Don’t worry about the other bets on streets, splits, and etc.

Keep things simple, so you aren’t losing track of your winnings. Don’t go by what numbers are on the tree (the little light-up board with the numbers on it). That is there for the illusion that there is a pattern or that a number is super hot.

There’s no such thing as a hot number on a roulette wheel, it just spins. 


It’s a slow game, but it has the advantage of making your money go farther. Baccarat also has a low house advantage, so you’re more likely to walk out ahead or even here than at the slots. There are three bets: player, banker, and tie.

If the player wins you get paid even money. If you bet banker and it wins it pays even money, minus a house commission (which is where the house makes its money.) You don’t have to understand what is going on because it’s a guessing game.

Just pick which hand you think is going to win. At most casinos they have side bets for this game, avoid those because it’s just extra money for the house. Don’t get drawn in by the added action, it’s unnecessary. 

Know When and Where to Gamble

Beginners who have never gambled before need to know the basics before starting. Know your local gambling laws and try to stick to tribe-owned casinos. Avoid private, hole-in-the-wall operations. 

Don’t get caught up in legal gray areas and shady places to get your gambling fix. Plan your gambling budget in advance and stick to it. The best way to avoid feeling regrets after losing all your bets is to go in expecting to lose it.

If you start chasing your loses and playing emotionally, you’ll lose hard and enjoy winnings much less. The key is having fun and enjoying the atmosphere of the casino glitz. Don’t let it turn into an addiction that sours your experience.

We also recommend traveling to the casino with others to enhance your fun and hold you accountable.

The Best Casino Games for You

As you can see, there’s plenty of fun to be had, even if you have zero gambling experience. The best casino games are the ones you can pick up and play easily, yet still leave room to master. Even slot machines have a bit of strategy involved, albeit with a much lower ceiling than poker, for example.

Don’t forget to take advantage of casino perks for first-timers. There’s meal tickets, deposit bonuses, and lots of prizes out there to win. If you walk in with $100 and leave with a new blender, we’d call that a win in this industry.

Did we cover your favorite casino games? If you feel like we are missing a casino game that is great for beginners, leave a comment below. We’ll do a follow-up to this list and see what other games beginners should play for the first time.

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