What Happens in Rehab: Everything to Know

Are you considering treating your addiction in rehab?  Are you wondering, “What do you do in rehab, and is it right for me?”

Only 10 percent of the 22.7 million people in need of treatment receive it at rehab centers, which isn’t a lot. It can be a scary thought and a huge struggle to overcome addiction, but help is available.

If you are wondering what happens in rehab, read on to get an idea of what you’ll experience.

Detox: The First Step

Are you wondering what is the difference between detox verse rehab? Detox is the first step towards rehabilitation and breaking an addiction. 

During detox, you will experience withdrawal symptoms and be working closely with a physician. 

In most rehab programs, medication will be administered to prevent withdrawal symptoms and even block the effects of a substance should you use it again. 

Early Abstinence Stage Is the Hardest

In the early abstinence stage, you will continue to move through your detox, build new life skills, and learn to view your addiction as something that is treatable. 

This stage of the recovery process is often the most difficult, as you will experience strong cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and begin to learn new coping skills to help you remain sober. 

Some of these skills will include identifying triggers or situations that lead to substance abuse, learning how to fight and ignore cravings, understanding cravings, and learning the effects that drugs and alcohol have on the body. 

Daily Therapy Sessions

After the initial detox, you will start therapy sessions. Therapy will often be provided in group and individual sessions. This type of care will make up the bulk of your rehab experience. 

Family therapy may also be offered, as one’s addiction also takes a toll on the family. Many issues will be addressed in family therapy and the outcome will help you build a support system at home.

In individual therapy sessions, patients will begin to address and work on the trauma or mental health issues that may have led to their addiction.  

Addiction group activities include group therapy sessions. In these sessions, a sense of camaraderie is built, as all patients are struggling with the difficult feelings associated with addiction.

This can be a rewarding experience, as you will develop feelings of trust, sincere compassion, and understanding surrounding each other’s struggles. 

Build Relationships and a Support System

Going to rehab alone can be a scary thought, but know that you won’t be alone. Rehab patients share many of the same hardships, and patients often form life-long friendships. 

This will be an important part of your recovery after rehab, as you will be able to offer each other mutual support as you face the hardships and challenges to come. 

There’s a fair chance that your friends outside of the rehab center will not be the best influences for you on maintaining a sober life. The support you receive from your rehab friends will help you live clean and sober. 

What Happens in Rehab

Overcoming addiction is not easy, but the physicians will make it comfortable and help ensure your recovery. The friends and support system you build there will help you stay sober and enjoy your new lifestyle. 

If what happens in rehab seems like it could help you, then reach out to your local rehab center. Check out some of our other posts to learn more.

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