Why a New Business Venture Selling Solar Is the Lifestyle Change You Need

Are you interested in the rapidly growing industry that is solar power? 

Maybe you have spent some time researching installing solar panels in your own home?

But what if we told you you could be a part of this booming industry by selling solar services yourself?

The fact is, according to the SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association), in Q1 alone of 2021, there was a total of 5GW of Solar Power capacity installed in the US, and 58% of all new electricity-generating capacity is solar. 

If you want to be a part of this growth in a way that will also secure you financially, read on.

Solar Power

Solar power is a renewable form of energy generation by utilizing the heat and energy from the sun.

With special tools like solar panels, this energy constantly shining down in abundance, can power homes, charge electric vehicles, heat water, and more.

And with the constant revelations about the impact of global warming and damaging fossil fuels, which are quickly running out, people are turning to alternative electricity generation more than ever.

How Can You Get Involved?

It’s simple, start selling solar panels and installation services.

If you can source solar panels and get a team of electricians together, you can start to sell home solar solutions. 

There are plenty of free resources available for figuring out how to do the technical parts of setting up a business, but it really is that simple in practical terms.

How To Sell Solar

At this point, you may be scratching your head and thinking it can’t be that easy; what about actually finding customers to start selling solar?

There are a couple of ways to sell solar panels and get your business noticed. Interest in solar is significant, so marketing costs shouldn’t be a big priority.

If you want to find exclusive solar leads, there are great sites like invention solar that can help you build an immediate customer base.

Otherwise, you could market on social media, either creating and sharing your own posts for free or spending a little to get the word out locally.

Benefits of Selling Solar Panels

Setting up any business comes with natural challenges and growing pains as you get yourself established, but it is worth it.

By getting involved in this industry early, you have the potential to grow on a huge scale.

You can also get the satisfaction of being your own boss, setting your work hours, and having flexibility in your time. Don’t waste years of your life breaking your back for someone else; take control of your time and money earning potential.

And finally, solar is a clean, renewable resource that will contribute to a better future for your family and future generations. 

Start Now

If this article has made you think about selling solar in a new way, why not take some more time to research and try for yourself.

Look up where you can buy these products and find contractors that could help you provide this service.

It is only as complicated as you make it, so keep it simple and start now.

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